Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Alcohol Night

Had a beer. Not sure where the awesome camera is. MIA at the moment. Last seen with the kid. Should show up soon. I hope. For now it's time to play video games, drink bubbly wine, eat chocolate and celebrate into 2011.
Happy New Year!
Let's talk tomorrow :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hat Day

Breakfast. I made my egge a crepe and filled it with spinach and cheese.


Another snack.

Tuna salad lunch.
I snacked on grapes, raisins and almonds as well, but didn't bother taking any pictures. Dinner was late, at 10pm when I got back from the gym. Spinach and chicken. And bread. The man made bread with apples, apple juice, cardamom and ginger. So good. We couldn't stop eating it and vowed to make bread every other day.

I had many slices. You would've too.

The boy looks a bit tired in these pictures. I've been trying to keep him busy in the mornings outdoors. It's still pretty cold here. We bought new clothes and tried on hats to pass some time. Ohh. It's almost New Years Eve. There's talk about a fruity, nutty celebratory bread. So excited. Happy bread day.

Ooh. I've also been disciplined with my workouts. Running is a bit tough. I think I have tendonitis in my left ankle.

And I was offered a yoga group to teach permanently. The asker woman called twice and I ignored her calls. It's so hard to say no. Finally she texted her request and I answered. My days are so long with travel and work. And school. I told the woman that I would like to but am not able to. The man was all up in my business, like, "tell her the truth that you wouldn't travel so much to work so short.. blahblahblah." Whatever. I read that 'whatever' is the most annoying word in the english language. I use it often.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I went out.

The bread machine beeped at 7am. Took a few minutes to get up. The whole apartment smelled so good, like a bakery. My first thick slice of bread had only butter on it. The second had butter and cheese. It is so great to have the man make bread for the family. And a welcome replacement from sweets. I chased my bread meal with leftover salad.

Lunch was more bread. But I managed to fit in a few nutritious snacks. Forgot to mention yesterday, I added a scoop of vanilla whey protein into my green smoothie. This one had fresh spinach.
Dinner was really good. Chicken, brown rice and spinach. I used a thai chili sauce over the chicken and then semame-wasabi-not-salt shake over that as well as over the spinach.

Shortly after dinner I went out to meet my friends.

At the first place we shared a platter of deep fried heaven. Ooh, I drank only diet coke. All night. I thought it might be weird to be the sober person, but actually it's kinda awesome. I spent less than 30 euros, was home (and REALLY hyper) at 1am and woke up in the morning at 8, headache free, able to work, take out the dog, feed the kid, ect.
2011 is my year of NO alcohol. Sh-bam!

If I were Lorraine and George I would let Linda's visit and the accompanying food and drink be guilt free. January is going to be very dry and a new start.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Emma's birthday

Was wide awake at 5am. 12 hours sleep the previous night/day was too much I guess. 5am isn't bad. Had breakfast, then so much time.
Scrambled eggs with potato, broccoli, tomato and cheese.
The kid and I walked the dof for nearly 2 hours.

He fell asleep afterwards and was an unmovable lump for most of the day.

Quick snack. Then boy and I went to Stockmann to buy fancy bread-makin' ingredients.
I bought a handful of macadamia nuts and ate them. (So expensive.)

 Another snack.
 Man bought Nepalese for lunch.
Green Smoothie
2 heaping spoons probiotic yogurt
1/2 a banana
1/2 cup OJ
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1/2 cup frozen spinach

It was pretty good. The first sip was a bit funny. Tasted like spinach. Then it was good.
Dinner was salad, veg with hummus, potatoes and pickled herring. Glass of milk too.

No eating after dinner, 2nd day in a row. Also no sweets. Feels so good. I'm going to be alcohol free in 2011 too. I had a few sips of red wine and it made me want to throw up. I'm just not into it anymore. Ha. I have plans to go out Tuesday night to watch my friends embarass themselves. They are hunting men. I obviously cannot wait to watch. Not that it should be difficult for a couple 20 somethings.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas food hangover

Yesterday my eating was fantastic. I made great choices. Until a certain point.
We watched one of the kids movies and pigged out. I felt miserable afterwards. I wanted to be sugarfree, starting on the 25th. Well, today is the 26th and that misery was motivating. I hate the guilt. So not worth it.

This was my food today. Breakfast burrito. Fruit and almonds. A lot of the man's homemade bread. Hummus and vegetables. I skipped having a real lunch. Took a 2 hour nap instead, even though I slept 10 hours last night.
I planned breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for the whole week. I made a fitness book. (With my downloaded logs.) My goals for this week are to get to the gym 4 times, stick to my food plan and reject all sugar crap in favour of bread. Tomorrow I have a shopping expedition to find all sorts of fancy bread ingredients. It's a nice way to spend a day. Buy stuff. Make bread. Go to gym. Eat bread. Walk dog. Eat more bread.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas Eve

Christmas was the best. Everything happened so smoothly and felt so great.
In the morning I had 2 muffins. At lunch I had leftover soup. I wanted to keep the engine running so that I would have enough strength for the real meal.

FRUIT KEBABS! We made sushi too, but mostly I LOVE fruit kebabs.
Dinner was excessive and great.


At some point when everyone was talking about some Finnish gossip I realized that I didn't care at all about the conversation. It worked out in my favour since I left the table after 3 plates instead of staying for 8. (Ahem. Sandwich man.) Calling family in Canada was scheduled perfectly.

And Santa came to hand out presents.

Kids + Christmas = Happy

 (There is a kid in the sac.)

Mid-sneeze. Doesn't look like he is about to cover his mouth. Poor kid 2.

I want to know about George's multi fish meal. And dessert.