Monday, November 29, 2010

My very first post

Day 0
I made a deal with my dad. He's supposed to lose weight. I'm a 31 year old woman. My weight is my most time consuming hobby. I forget how much he's supposed to lose because when he told me I was thinking about how I need a new fitness challenge, so I proposed we have a competition during his 16 week training program. There's some nurses and nutritionists who'll help him...maybe several times a week? (I'm the worst listener)

So. The rules so far are as follows:

1. My mom has to read our diaries to determine if we are achieving goals.
2. We should get some goals.
3. Goals should be rewarded monetarily.
                                1 lb lost = 2 bucks gained (Maybe Mom should pay?)
4. We have to be graded on different scales. My dad's really old. I heard your metabolism    speeds up again later in life due to cell degradation. Food matter doesn't need to travel as far cuz the paths have shortened. Also - he cheats. Really much.
5. Mom wants us to record more than our food and exercise. We have to explain our emotions before pigging out on chocolate, pork chops, . (I was really frickin' hungry and it tasted soooo good.)
* side note - from now on I'll refer to my Mom as Lorraine. That's her name. Also, my dad is George. Now you know.

Mmm. There's a few issues. I hate scales. They are so stupid. I guess I have to have measurements for Lorraine to track our progress. Blechhh. Okay, I'll get on a stupid scale. But, I'm like, totally strong. Stupid scale.

So if I say I'll measure my weight once a week and post a photo to go with it, I think that's probably good. Maybe I'll measure the circumference of my problem area. It's pear shaped. Also, the camera adds 10 lbs. And Jari says I make zoolander faces. Jari's some guy who eats a lot off sandwiches where I live.

Okay, since today doesn't technically count, it was totally fine that I ate candy, chocolate and a litre of greek yogurt. (Not that nast fat free goop. The good stuff.)

But starting tomorrow I have to kick that habit. For real, I eat more chocolate than ANYONE. I have the worst sweet tooth. Ugh, and the friend I see most often also has a huge appetite for sweets and beer. And is a model. Who thinks that girls who diet need to get a life. Maybe I would send her an invitation into my new cyber life. It so figures that she would be my best friend.

Anywhocaresway, I'm making nightly entries. All foods shall be listed. Same with exercise.

Um. I never send Lorraine any pictures. So I'll a post a few here.

 This isn't the best. All pics snapped with my phone and a really hyperactive 8 year old. That other person is me.
 Peek a boo
 That's me and some guy who loves sandwiches. A lot.
 Hyperactive kid and the vodka bandito.
New York is a place in Ikea. With ice cream.