Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday morning blah

Yesterday I had a sushi buffet lunch date. It was fun. There were 2 beers. Then at night after gardening class my friends and I went for a few pints. So nice. And kind of strange. We of course had many brilliant ideas as we drank. Made plans to force our husbands to come out with us in the future. For another drinking date. It's a culture party.

My regular eating style is pretty good. Work, family and running are also good. I bought some amaranth and decided to make porridge with it. It's sticky, smells funny and tastes like corn. Not exactly bad, not really good. I eat it with banana and cashew butter. Cashew butter is also kind of funny. Tastes kind of like cashews and kind of like leather. I imagine it must be the worst tasting of all the nut butters and I don't quite like it. I eat it once a day.
Today is yoga for schizophrenics. I guess I'd better go look for my car. I should probably do some schoolwork this weekend but I have too much fun doing everything else. Ooh, and I start my new job Monday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Almost Spring

I eat a lot of the same stuff. Salad. Breakfast burritos. Porridge. Salmon. Brussel sprouts. Spinach. I don't even remember when I stopped eating sweets. Don't care about them at all anymore. Funny. I've had a few drinks. No feelings about that though. At a party I made smoothies for my friends and me. Coconut milk, frozen rasperries and mango chunks, juice and rum. Really good.
Less time doing hospital work means more time doing other business work and school work too. I have 2 exams next week and I'm thinking about them already. Not studying, but planning to. Okay not study, but read.
I am on top of my fitness again. It's nice to have time.

The kid is all about star wars. The man is all about nerve pain in his back/dumper. Dog likes to sniff. I vaccuum and make meals and do laundry and am more that happy to be able to.