Thursday, February 17, 2011

I made protein cookies

There's cocoa, protein powder, oatmeal, an egg, milk powder, cottage cheese, yogurt, baking soda and powder, 85 calories and 8 grams of protein per cookie. Not so much of the deliciousness though. Or pleasant texture. Maybe it's a good thing. I need a glass of milk to wash it down with. I don't want a second helping either.

The weather has been very cold. -20 to -30. I went jogging today with my face completely covered. So nice to have less hours this week. Last shift tomorrow. Evaluation also.
There was a bit of a problem. They kept asking me to come back full time in the summer. I said that I could do some substitution work. Then I guess the ward manager thought that meant that I would substitute for someone during their 6 week holiday. I din't really realize the plan until people kept telling me how much fun the summer would be. So I worried for about 4 days about how to fix the problem. By now I actually have no desire to go for substitute work at all. 2 hours a day on the bus? When it's so easy to get homecare work in my area there is no logic. Anyway. The stress caused some terrible sweating, anxiety, acne and inability to think about anything except my own situation. Felt bigger than it was, blah, blah, blah. So I told my tutor nurse that there had been a misunderstanding. It was so difficult. I'm still overthinking it. I need tomorrow to be over so that I wont think about it anymore. Well, I guess things could be worse. Having too many jobs is better than too few.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 Days Home

So nice to have 2 days off. Okay, I'm working for the man today. But he can swallow, move and poop by himself so I'm good.
I did receive postcards from Kenya. Ages ago. Sorry, I forgot to mention earlier. The mail stuff kind of happens without me noticing.
Only 24.5 hours left for this practice. That's just 3 shifts. One morning, one graveyard and then a short one with my review. Plus a full week of classes. On Tuesday I have to go straight from 8 hours of school to a 12 hour graveyard shift to 7 more hours of school on Wednesday. It may sound a bit like complaining, but actually I'm bragging. My competence is overwhelming my ego these days. I love it.

In the last pic of my porridge there's a big mess of tea behind my bowl. The kid sets up our kitchen as a display for his tea shop and we have to choose our tea daily. He's taken charge of it. The other day I wanted mint but he made me drink camomile because he's too afraid to drink it, in case it's too old. I needed to be the tester.
Ooh. Also I've decided to graduate late. I'm not sure anymore where I want to go. I kind of like all the areas too much to decide where I want to end up permanently, so I'm going to spend the time doing different substitute paid work until I am sure. No one seems to mind. Everyone's actually really supportive. By everyone I guess I mean the man, cuz I haven't told my advisor yet. Still. I FEEL that everyone will be supportive. It's an honest choice.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My eyes are hurty

I think I have a bit of a cold. My tutor is on sick leave. Pneumonia. +pregnancy. I've taken her place and been working overtime. It's against the law but I offered to alter my schedule and everyone was down with it. All of our kids have some virus. I'm not going to get fully sick. I think it's passing. My sinuses hate me and my chest is in no shape for running. I will go to see Yogi Bear with the kid today. Fun. He asked me first thing in the morning if I would take him. I have 2 days off from the hospital but need to work and go to school tomorrow. Today is hang out and see a movie day. I'll take pictures.
Last night I got home at 10 and there was pizza waiting for me. Mmm. The night before I got home...don't remember when...thai food was waiting. And the man cleaned. Like, everything. Under the shower box. Inside the washer and dryer. Behind my desk. The cushion covers for our couches. He said he cleaned for 8 hours. I told him to stop nagging.

Red hair.

Cousin it.

Spinach smoothie. Every day.

Hummus. Every day.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long time no post

I've been too tired/lazy to keep up with the pictures. Work has been tough. And long. I love it. Every day there is great. Some kids have the worst luck. There's so much that is unfair and difficult to accept. Being grateful for what we have really isn't enough. If I don't enjoy homecare nursing as much as I hope I will I'll go back to this ward for sure. I said that about my last placement too. Good signs, I guess.

Ooh. My exercise at the gym has suffered. But. I have been extremely physical at work. Running is also not something I want to do when I hardly sleep. Bygones. I'll catch up later.

My diet is the best. I make a point of eating as many crazy vegetable concoctions as I can manage while working. At home I eat porridge and salad. Tonight I'm making meatballs for the man, boy and the boy's buddy. I had a kebab on the weekend. It was delicious.

6am bus waiting.

7am at work

3pm leave work

4pm nightclass


8pm home
So. The boy has his own life. He goes with his buddies to scouts, the park, the library, ect. If the man calls the boy to ask if he wants to come home for dinner the boy acts really annoyed. It's such an inconvenience having to tell a parent what should have already been completely obvious. And if the boy had to crawl out of a snow tunnel or exit a very important place on a video game watch out. Punishment will come. Seriously, he's like, really squeaky. Anyway. I don't really get his feelings. But they are fun to watch.