Thursday, February 17, 2011

I made protein cookies

There's cocoa, protein powder, oatmeal, an egg, milk powder, cottage cheese, yogurt, baking soda and powder, 85 calories and 8 grams of protein per cookie. Not so much of the deliciousness though. Or pleasant texture. Maybe it's a good thing. I need a glass of milk to wash it down with. I don't want a second helping either.

The weather has been very cold. -20 to -30. I went jogging today with my face completely covered. So nice to have less hours this week. Last shift tomorrow. Evaluation also.
There was a bit of a problem. They kept asking me to come back full time in the summer. I said that I could do some substitution work. Then I guess the ward manager thought that meant that I would substitute for someone during their 6 week holiday. I din't really realize the plan until people kept telling me how much fun the summer would be. So I worried for about 4 days about how to fix the problem. By now I actually have no desire to go for substitute work at all. 2 hours a day on the bus? When it's so easy to get homecare work in my area there is no logic. Anyway. The stress caused some terrible sweating, anxiety, acne and inability to think about anything except my own situation. Felt bigger than it was, blah, blah, blah. So I told my tutor nurse that there had been a misunderstanding. It was so difficult. I'm still overthinking it. I need tomorrow to be over so that I wont think about it anymore. Well, I guess things could be worse. Having too many jobs is better than too few.


  1. The protein cookieslook good. 85 calories each seems like alot. I want a high protein zero calories perfect cupof coffee.


  2. Lorraine :
    I know exactly how it feels when you are in the middle of a misunderstanding. awful.
    Now for fun stuff. Max. He knows that you and Ikey will come 'in the summer'. He told the little girl that Christina babysits that I was not her Grandma. "This is Max's grandma; and Ikey's grandma and baby Vesper and Xavier..not your grandma".He is fun.
    Now that we are eating meat, part of our brains have stopped working. so sad. It was very mild today and the snow got so heavy. We tried cleaning off the solar panel but it was hard work.It will get cold by the weekend again.

  3. Lorraine again
    Max let Jake call me Grandma Lorraine (Lorraine was only somewhat recognizeable).

  4. Lorraine here; Friday:
    Your practice must be complete now. Well done!!!
    celebrate....or do you have time for that..or should I have said 'did you have time for that today?'.