Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Long time no post

I've been too tired/lazy to keep up with the pictures. Work has been tough. And long. I love it. Every day there is great. Some kids have the worst luck. There's so much that is unfair and difficult to accept. Being grateful for what we have really isn't enough. If I don't enjoy homecare nursing as much as I hope I will I'll go back to this ward for sure. I said that about my last placement too. Good signs, I guess.

Ooh. My exercise at the gym has suffered. But. I have been extremely physical at work. Running is also not something I want to do when I hardly sleep. Bygones. I'll catch up later.

My diet is the best. I make a point of eating as many crazy vegetable concoctions as I can manage while working. At home I eat porridge and salad. Tonight I'm making meatballs for the man, boy and the boy's buddy. I had a kebab on the weekend. It was delicious.

6am bus waiting.

7am at work

3pm leave work

4pm nightclass


8pm home
So. The boy has his own life. He goes with his buddies to scouts, the park, the library, ect. If the man calls the boy to ask if he wants to come home for dinner the boy acts really annoyed. It's such an inconvenience having to tell a parent what should have already been completely obvious. And if the boy had to crawl out of a snow tunnel or exit a very important place on a video game watch out. Punishment will come. Seriously, he's like, really squeaky. Anyway. I don't really get his feelings. But they are fun to watch.


  1. Exercise for healthy heart today. I hate the resistance exercise. But it's supposed to be good for me. I like the rebumbant bike. It communicates with me without criticizing or laughing.I'm taking a couple of days off from writing. the story i wrote for the weekend to submit it by Monday deadline emptied my brain. I have to let it fill up again. Nine-year-old boys are a pain in the neck. Lock him in his room til he's eighteen.


  2. Lorraine: I always wondered if a kid is squeakey or out of sorts with the world because he is growing physically, intellectually and emotionally. I used to watch the boys when they swam and they would not know how long their arms were and they would have to test to see if their fingers would touch the wall. and of course they not amused when someone called them gangly. I think that it must be harder for Isaac who is taller and longer in the arm and leg. and maybe the same sort of thing is happening in his head. So it would be the same sort of discovery/independance thing that Max is dealing with, so you are like new parents all over again. and sometimes he wants to be in control and sometimes he wants parents to be in control. yikes.

  3. Hey - did Isaac get the postcard from Kenya????