Saturday, January 29, 2011

Has it really been a week?

I haven't really had the time or energy to keep up with my posts. Haven't bothered taking pictures. Missed a couple runs. Now I'll try to catch up.
I'm 2 weeks in at my practice. 3 weeks left. On my first day I was already offered a job. Since then I've been offered 2 more. Can't really take them cuz the 40 hours plus commute, along with my office job work I have to do when I get back is way too much. I just don't want to work a 60 hour week and it sometimes makes me angry that I need to.
But. What I eat is a common interest among my work colleagues. The man has also said that he understands their point of view, that my food often looks nasty. I try to make my smoothies as green as possible and my food as goopy and strange as I can now deliberately.

spinach hummus


boy store

 The boy has been opening his store a lot lately. I have a frequent shoppers card, so I get a discount. I also give him money to go to the shop to buy things for his shop. I like that he can go to buy things himself. He's so excited when he comes back and tells us about prices of things. It's great. And he buys cashews and raisins for me to buy from his shop. I also get gifts for the man. Licorice and chocolate.
I've turned down every offer of chocolate, sweetbread, cookies, ect. It's pretty easy to tell people that I like salty things, not so much sweet. They haven't known me any better. No guilt. Feels good.
I have to do some stuff now. There should be another post tomorrow.


  1. Lorraine: I wonder how we will eat once we are back on meat and wine. I have not missed meat and we have become inventive with new meals. However, I would have liked a glass of port on my birthday. I have completely removed eggs from my diet. It is not easy. So many things have eggs hidden in them. But this is not my contest.......

  2. I had eggs on toast this morning. Mom had to watch. We haven't eaten a lot of sweets this month but we haven't given up salt. salt is bad if you're in the heart health business.Jim Smith and I went to a hockey game last night. The Otters lost but it was a good game. Too many penalties. On the way to the Summit Centre there was a fire on Main St. Two or three hundred fire trucks and police cars and lots of flashing lights and flames everywhere. I hear Amsterdam is like that.

    I'm writing a story for a contest. It has to be mailed on Monday. This will be a challenge. Fun, though.