Thursday, January 20, 2011

Long days

Hi. I slept well last night. Almost a full 8 hours. Ran my 6km this morning easily. Last night I was extremely tired. The times when my shifts are back to back I don't see the kid for days. That sucks. I know he's been around recently because of the laundry trail he's left but I just don't see him. The man, dog and boy are a guy team. The dishwasher is on their side too. I don't have much of a relationship with him either anymore. The next 2 weekends are off. So nice. I want to make bread, pancakes, go skating, skiing, running, to the gym, watch TV, read, hang out with the couch, walk the dog, play video games, go for dinner and also do nothing.

Early breakfast. Muesli, piƱa, cottage cheese.

Packed breakfast.

Packed lunch.

Thai red curry fish 2x.

Night snack.
 I also devoured a bag of dried fruit at night while watching Jersey Shore. And chili nuts.

Yesterday I didn't make it to the gym. I was exhausted. But I took the dog out to throw snowballs for an hour. And I had to lift a lot at work. 2 of the healthier kids can crawl but only when they are doing well. So I wind up lifting and carrying 11-14 year olds basically all day. The paralyzed weight is so heavy. I can smell it in my work clothes that it's exercise.


  1. My exercise yesterday was shovelling snow. 45 mnutes. Managed to pull a muscle in my back, spasms all night. Mother made home-made vegetarian pizza for dinner. She's getting good at this. I had a lecture at the summit centre: exercise, frequency, intensity, time and type. Mother went down to the lake and howled at the moon with other locals, drank hot chocolate and sang ditties around a bonfire. -22 this morning. I probably shouldn't let her do that again.


  2. Lorraine here
    Is it all kids where you work?
    apparently the outside track with the great surface was not here last summer but I guess is available to the public this year.
    I think we have to walk on the track today to help those muscle spasms.