Sunday, January 9, 2011


Our bread machine is the best. The man makes bread almost every day. We eat more bread than anything else. Sometimes I think I should slow down on the bread consumption, but it's just so good on so many levels. The man creates nourishment. Such an achievement. Food IS love.
I told Emma the other day that I'm without alcohol. Tee-total. Straight. Her reaction was that I cannot be on our ladies night. I'm thinking about it (only a little) and I'm not sure where I'll stand on this come summer. I don't really stand, I guess. Being without alcohol isn't a big deal for me, neither is it any cause. I don't really care and I'm not any activist type. Not having an opinion is the difficulty, I guess, since I'm not very interested in choices. Hmm. Maybe in the summer my thoughts will be more concrete. Probably not.

Muesli, banana, cottage cheese



Hair cut


 I bought cool hats. Now, after a great solid 9 weeks of cold and snow it's a stupid warm 2 degrees outside. So I'm staying inside to eat bread. The whole city is a big mucky puddle. School starts again tomorrow. Our Christmas tree is outside in the wetness and I'd like to go get him and bring him back in. I should probably do something. Maybe read my horoscope and take a nap.
I just previewed this post and there were crazy big pics in duplicate. Not keen to fix.


  1. Nice hats! I have been learning how to knit so that I am not snacking. I have made mitts, scarves, hats and socks. Most of the stuff I donated to Charity for Christmas baskets. This past week I have been busy editing the pictures that I took in Kenya. I have reduced my 3000 shots down to about 1300. Each of the kids have about 2500 shots as well. They have posted some of theirs on Facebook. The trip was fantastic and there are lots of stories to tell. I need to get outside for some fresh air today. BTW - I have been alcohol free or over 10 years and caffeine free for 6 years. It really does make a difference and I know that I am healthier for my choice.

  2. I put snowtires on my car in December. Usually if I do that it doesn't snow 'til June. But it snowed the next day.

    We just got back from Guelph. Ben and I built a new floor in the vestibule of the Guelph house. Lots of noise. Christina is finishing the job with vinyl. Waterproof.

    Even though today is Sunday, my official meat day, we ate vegetarian all day. Actually, just at mealtime. Only cattle eat all day. But cattle are vegetarians. And they're stupid. I think there's a connection.

    I hear school starts tomorrow. What Joy! You'll be back with your friends and comparing WHaT YOU DID FOR CHRISTMAS AND TELLING THEM ABOUT THE BREAD MAKER . This computer is mentally unstable.

    Here's Mom.
    Hi,It is so difficult taking the tree down and so sad to see it outside. "SO SAD" is the term that Max uses if something goes wrong. So Christmas tress that are out on the sidewalk today brought lots of SO SAD.
    I love the big hat. I could use it as a tea cozy for our coffee pot. mmmm maybe that is what I should knit.
    busy life starts for you tomorrow again. Just think ,....summer isa coming.