Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shift work

Went to bed at 11 last night. Up at 3:37. My alarm was set for 4:40 but my mind had other plans. Like spinning. Forced myself to stay in bed for an hour. Slept in guest room. Must when I have a late shift followed by an early shift. Man is a light sleeper and also goes to bed late. 5 1/2 weeks....

Yesterday I went to the gym early to work out and run. Before breakfast. Then came home and worked for a few hours before leaving for work. Made the mistake of eating shortly before bus ride. Motion sickness blech.


More breakfast.

Lunch. Cabbage, lentils, rice and meatballs.
Gave half to man.

Lunch. Lentil-rice-veg salad.

Late snack.

More late snack.
I also had a handful of dried apricots watching CSI. My stomach is extremely skilled at rock like expansion. Should probably cut down on the cabbage/lentil diet. Someday. 

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  1. Fish soup last night. Lorraine's creation. Unique and good.Worked out at gym, statioary bike with feedback. Distance, calories consumed and heart-rate. Sort of a mechanical mother-in-law. But truthful.
    book 2 is finished, goingto work on book 3, GOOD HEAVENS MR G today; already half-finished. Nothing like the first two. Still managing the no alcohol part of this experiment. My liver has decided to take a vacation. maybe I should buy myself a cigar.