Saturday, January 1, 2011


We played wii, drank some bubbly, watched Madagascar 2 and hung out all night, last night.

Baked chickpeas are my specialty, as a movie snack.
Breakfast burrito. 3 egg whites. Spinach. Beans. Cheese. Whole grain tortilla. Lettuce. Salsa.

A small portion of whole wheat spagetti over a HUGE portion of sauteed cabbage.

Family skype.
So, the boy and I went to see Megamind in 3D. Lots of fun. And - I took a package of grapes with me so that I could eat a healthy snack during the movie. I was only slightly embarrassed to pull out my ziplock grapes while everyone around me chomped on popcorn and sweets. Might miss licorice and chocolate sometimes during 2011. Too late now.

Baking bread now with 4 types of flour, sunflower seeds, sour milk, rainins, dried apple and dried apricot. It smells so good and my head is going to explode from having to wait another 20 minutes before I can eat any.

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  1. Lorraine here.
    Baked Chick peas? How do you do that?
    Today is a Sunday and Dad has decreed that we can eat meat on Sundays. I don't know if he is allowing himself to have a drink of alcohol or not.Otherwise it is the beginning of the no alcohol , no meat January. Fish is allowed. Ben is going one step further and he is vegan for a week first and then introducing milk and butter. I think that it is easier doing the no-meat thing is the summer when veggies are so good...but we will do it.