Monday, January 17, 2011


First day at new workplace. Like it a lot. Kids are really sick, can't talk and need a lot of help. Shift work again plus other job. Days are long. And nice. Also- I like taking the bus. Get on, read for an hour, get off. 8 hours later do it again. I finally have a chance to read all those school books that make me fall asleep when I read them on the couch. Plus no shovelling. No watching the road. It's good.



Rice milk decaf latte.

Hummus and cucumber. And a boy doing homework.

Poppy seed bread with pb, honey and banana again.
And a boy eating sour orange slices.

Another snack. (So hungry)

Chili nuts.


TV snack.


  1. Lorraine here
    back to vegetables and my insides are happier. The bread machine beeped at 7:30 so warm bread for breakfast.
    I have a marathon dentist appt this morning. ugghhh.I think that most of my fillings will be replaced then.
    But I have to think of soft food for today.

  2. home-made bread, toasted, butter and marmalade. GOOD.

    new snow today. Rain in Toronto. Poor buggers. Curried stuff for dinner last night. Good again.
    New schedule for cardio/resistance today. That's what causes new snow. Driving will be fun.
    I'm pretty sure I could go for a month on good coffee and good home-made bread.


  3. Lorraine here
    dentist appt AWFUL. Not as much work done as was to be done because I kept choking. AND I have an abcess under a cap/root canal that has to be taken care of before we fly to Seattle. Did not eat lunch until 4:30 and then it was fish soup that I made.
    good news..Dad was on the recumbant? bike today at the gym and it is good for him.