Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday Day

Breakfast. 1 slice only. With butter.

Post gym snack. Also my night snack. I made the
muesli myself.

Leftover bread and peasoup.
I've been really snacky lately. I had 2 oranges. Raisins. Some nuts. Yogurt with honey and muesli 2x. Not really sure if it's actual or pretend hunger. I like food. And eating. Being sugar and alcohol free is nice. Kind of a relief somehow. Going to start having a cup of coffee in the mornings again. I'm reading a book about how to stop the sweat panic. Makes sense and I'm choosing to care less if I sweat and blush.

Wings, veggies and hummus. Dinner.
Man looks funny.
To make overnight oats:
100-200 ml yogurt. I use plain but I have used flavoured and it was good.
Couple spoons of oats. (I also add crushed piña and raisins.)
Put in fridge overnight.
Eat cold and creamy in the morning.


  1. Mother eats breakfast cereal. I don't. We both like porridge, though.
    Tomato sandwiches are my second-greatest invention. Good with thinly sliced red onion if you don't need any kisses for a month or two.
    Curried rabbit food for dinner last night. Goooood. Also popcorn snack with hokey show. So far just toast and coffee this a.m.
    Mother's birthday tomorrow. I'll get her a fresh pineapple.


  2. Lorraine here. I am going to make overnight oats as a birthday breakfast for me for tomorrow. I love pina.