Sunday, January 16, 2011


I love the feedback I've been getting, via email and comments. It's so great and I will post more pictures of the boy to satisfy the cousin. Daily.
Lorraine- everyone finds the gym intimidating at first. It's never love at first sight. You have to find a match that you can work with and then commit to it. After a month or so the awkwardness goes away and it just feels good. Maybe finding one with features that appeal to you would work. Less of the exercise stuff and more of the pool, sauna, steamroom stuff. That way you can always go there just to have an hour long swim (float), sauna session. Relaxation and making personal space are suitable exercises.

Eggs, zucchini, red pepper and chicken. + watered down
apple juice.
I ran 7 km before breakfast. I have a marathon training plan I'm following. I've tried to tell myself that I can adapt during the week, since I'll be so busy but I know I wont. I HAVE to follow the schedule. There is no peace of mind if I don't do it exactly. Black/white. Ooh, also I had to add the chicken cuz' it tasted squishy nothing. Avoiding salt.

Broccoli and hummus.

Apples with peanut butter.
I had to buy some good peanut butter. I tried making my own. Blender said no way. And I bought raw nuts, forgot to roast them first, tasted not right. Fail. But I found all these really nice nut butters at the health food shop. Anyway. The dinner out was just pizza at brother of manfriends' house. Didn't bother taking pictures. Cheese, tummy, ow.
This morning I took dog out, then made 2 kinds of pancakes.

Crazy pancake batter.
The first kind was ordinary. Second made with rice milk, barley flour, oats, some fibre flake stuff that looks like saw dust. And an egg.

My crazy pancakes were SO good. I put a bit of peanut butter, honey and some banana slices on top. Made the man eat one off my plate cuz I had to prove my pancake excellence. Extras stored in the fridge for later.


  1. Sunday morning, up early. Sunny and cold now, clear blue sky, lots of snow on trees. No deer yet. Too cold, I think.

    Eggs on toast, canteloupe, good coffee.Meeting later this morning re docks. Probably a fail. Even this great place has more than its share of idiots and mental cases.IQ and education have nothing to do with the ability to make good decisions.

    I have to start doing my resistance training. Stretching a tube fifteen different ways without knocking myself out. Also stretching exercises to relieve the agony of shin splints and muscle memory loss.