Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday again

I made overnight oats. It's yogurt, a few spoons of giant oats and I threw in some crushed piña. I made 2 portions and had them both.
Lunch was a chicken, broccoli and red pepper wrap.

I really wanted figs in the afternoon.

Pea soup dinner.

The kid and I went tobogganing late at night. It was fun. He attacked me many times, jumping on me and my magic carpet as I was sliding fast. 9 year olds are scary.


  1. Please explain overnight oats to me (again).do you just put the oats in the yogurt and let it sit overnight? then eat it cold?
    We had Ben's left over rice and peas for lunch and are having cauliflower/potato/split pea curry for supper.
    Now off to walk on the track. Rather icy out but snowy and nice.

  2. That first comment wasn't me. It was the Lady. The first two full days of meatlessness weren't too bad. We had my special vegetarian spaghetti last night and it was good, although a bit too peppery for mom. carol got in and we had pistachios for a snack after feeding her spaghetti. Her trip to Kenya was wonderful. If I had gone I'd probably have been eaten by a lion after being stomped on by an elephant.

    We're going to the summit centre for a walk and then birthday shopping. The new snow looks good but we can't see the lake. Everything just sort of blends together. The world really is flat.


  3. Lorraine here
    supper was a potato cauliflower split pea curry that actusally worked. Hooray.