Saturday, January 8, 2011

A 3 Day Update

I have not been vigilant about the past few days. Not sure why. A bit of laziness mixed with nothing interesting to say, I guess. Plus, I'm having technical difficulties. It had been so easy before, making the pictures magic themselves into the computer. Not so much today. Working on it. Hope to be back soon:)


  1. Lorraine here
    overnight oats are good.
    Today is the family party and we will avoid meat and wine. This is going to be difficult.
    I will let dad tell you about wednesday and the walking and gym part. we had trout yesterday and lots and lots of mushrooms.Xavier wants to talk to Isaac everytime we talk on the phone. I think he thinks that you are here and not so far away.

  2. Dad here.
    We went to healthy heart on wed p.m. and listened to presentation re readiness in case my heart attacks me. carry meds, have cell phone, make sure will is up to date don't smoke recognize symtoms, such as sudden death. Then intro to health club component and resistance training. Body core and balance and six packs.i now have an exercise tube to stretch for better muscle tone. it's still in the car.
    Surviving the no alcohol part. Only 23 days to go. Diet okay. Not gaining weight, at least. Target heart rate 95 beats per minute. Or day. Don't remember. resting rate is 56, so 95 takes a while to reach. She also bought ten senior swim passes at the summit centre for me for Christmas. And an anchor.