Thursday, January 13, 2011

Break Up Party

I'm done with dairy. Everytime I've eaten a regular amount of it I suffer. Okay, maybe I've eaten too much of it lately, with the butter on the bread, all the latte's and the overnight oats. And cheese. I wont get into the symptoms I get. They're gross. Grosser than what you can imagine.

Speaking of gross. My toilet has a really strong flush-spray delivery. I need to find a better location for my face towels and toothbrush. We have recently renegotiated the toilet terms. Now the seat is to be lifted, unless lowering it is imperative. Afterwards it should be returned to it's upright position. I may be the sucker on that family rule BUT I have knowledge that I don't intend to share immediately. Flush-spray.

Overnight oats

Yogurt and berries

Chicken, mushrooms and peppers

Apple bread

School is fun

The kids healthy hot dog

Orange snacks and a crazy kid

 Soy milk sucks. Same with oat milk. Rice milk is alright. It doesn't curdle when you add it to milk. But it isn't really white enough. I tried adding some coconut milk with the rice milk into my coffee. It's good. I want to put coconut milk in everything.
Also, I'm going to try to make my own peanut butter. How can I have peanut butter and coconut milk at the same time.....spinach smoothie. No. Porridge.


  1. I agree about soy milk. If God wanted us to drink milk from beans, cows would grow on vines.Part of your heritage is French. To a Frenchman there is no such thing as too much butter. It goes very well with garlic and parsley on almost everything, except chocolate ice cream.

    Mother made chili con veg yesterday. Pretty good. Still has a very high fart quotient.

    We planned a March/April trip to the caribbean this morning. Mom will probably start speaking to me by saturday. maybe.


  2. Dairy and I don't get along either. It was really bad when I was first diagnosed with colitis. I had the test for lactose intolerance but that wasn't the problem. They finally figured out that it was related to the protein in the milk and the antibiotics in the feed. It took a few years but now I can handle yogurt and small amounts of cheese and I have skim milk in my coffee. Ice cream is still a problem.

  3. Lorraine here
    I just think that food is the problem.