Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost the weekend


Last summer.

Kid drinks 5 yogurt drinks a day.

Pike, brussel sprouts, rucola and green snap beans?

Packed dinner same as lunch plus sprouts.

I love PB, honey and banana.
I also had almost an entire package of rice cakes. Ran at gym. Lifted heavy children.

Lorraine- all the patient where I work are kids. There are 10 on the ward and the youngest one is 10.


  1. breakfast looks a little odd. A polenta sausage, maybe.What the heck is rucola?
    Mother made squash soup with chipotle and sour cream. Some mexican dame did it on the food channel. GOOD. Also apple raisin bread. VERY GOOD. Especially with pb. I'm going to try it for lunch with cream cheese.
    Used the gym yesterday, stationary bike. The heart monitor on it is a little bipolar but it gives a good workout. Mom walked 3 km on the summit centre walking track. Very rosy cheeks. Tonight is the University of Waterloo alumni grand opening of the Summit Centre something or other. We're going, by special invitation. They'll probably ask us for money. I have to wear a button up shirt.
    Ben and I are going to a hockey game tomorrow. We'll see Ovechkin. Not as good as Syd the Kid, but Syd's out with a concussion. It'll be -25 or colder tonight. That should be fun.


  2. Lorraine : I sent an e-mail asking for spinach sauce for mashed potatoes. Should have just asked here. We are rediscovering our bread machine and it lives on the counter instead of tucked away in the pantry somewhere.If you did not have a bread machine we may not have been inspired to use ours.I think that the ice fishermen are catching pike here. I saw a sign in a window advertising bait for pike. I would like to eat a fish caught in the cold cold water.Snowing great big flakes right now! The world is white and brown and some green, with a few dozen old rust coloured oak leaves hanging on one branch. very pretty.