Sunday, January 16, 2011


That's what time I woke up. It's my first workday. Not quite awake yet. Yesterdays food was the best. Already posted the pancakes from the morning.

After panks we went skiing.

Then we had lunch. Brother-in-law made us take a pizza home. I healthied it by adding red pepper and zucchini. Veg and hummus on the side.

Apple with sunflower seed butter. Snack.

Tuna salad. Dinner.

Leftover panks. Dessert.

Poppyseed bread. Snack. Also delicious.


  1. 6:40, my wake-up time. Black outside, moon on the early night shift.Very cold here, -26 by 9:oo p.m., -22 this morning.Sunny and no breeze. The air is frozen stiff.

    Steak for dinner last night. Mother's digestive system went bananas. back to straight veg today. And Coffee, nature's plasma.


  2. Lorraine here 8:15 a.m.
    Somebody please explain how this happened. We had a steak last night and I suffered. cramps, indigestion and general discomfort most of the night; thought my ribcage would explode.
    When I walk outside the snow sounds like stryofoam. My walking stick makes a sound also. I think we are having the late night bonfire on Jan 19th, full moon. It was raining New year's Eve so we did not have it. We will take hot chocolate and not hot booze.