Friday, January 14, 2011


Chicken salad breakfast

Apple bread with sunflower butter all day long

Thai lunch and dinner

I also had a pear, an orange, coffee (with coconut milk), tea (with rice milk), and pistachios. A lot of pistachios. The man looked at the bag and told me that I ate the equivalent of one and a half big macs. He always does that. Not sure if it's to push my buttons or if he's just obtaining knowledge. Both, I guess. Everything is measused by how many big macs it equals. I'll call him noodle legs today to get back at him.

The grandparents are here for a funeral. Couple days only. Haven't seen them, but they have our car. We are going for dinner tonight (Saturday). Not sure where, but I will take pictures.

I'm getting really good at being meh about chocolate and sweets. Last night the man and kid were all over some Spanish chocolates gifted to us by the grandfolk. My mind tried to explain to me that it would be justified in eating the entire box and I still resisted. Mind games only happen at night. Funny.


  1. mother made home-made pizza yesterday. Pizza dough from bread machine, tomatoes, sauce of some sort, olives, onions, love. Excellent.

  2. Lorraine here
    Now we have pizza and will have to eat it all day.(-:
    I am not good at this diet thing. Nothing seems worth the effort to cook. Maybe sushi would help me feel good about food again.mmm cinnamon toast for breakfast,so I have to find some fruit.
    what were you doing to your leg at school?

  3. Lorraine here again
    do you know how insidious eggs are? I am eliminating eggs completely and it makes a difference but they are everywhere. Noodles, mayonnaise, cookies, candies,french vanilla ice cream, some breads, pastries, even some soda pop.
    I don't know whether it is the absence of wine or the absence of meat but dad is sleeping better than he has in years. When he sleeps, I sleep, and it is wonderful.
    So dad is changing patterns but is he losing weight? I don't know. I am not.
    as of this week, Dad goes to the exercise portion of the progamme without me. It is Tuesday afternoon for two hours and some Tuesdays the instructor from the gym will take the class into the swimming pool. If the gum people hook him, they will have him for life. I find the gym loud and confusing.