Sunday, January 23, 2011

3 Day Roundup

I haven't felt much like sitting at the computer over the weekend. Now it is Monday again and I have morning shifts all week. Guest room sleeping, 4:40 rising morning shifts. There's quite less to do at work on morning shifts. Most of the kids go to school at 9am. But I wanted morning shifts all week so that I could spend evenings with the boy. Starting next week it is no longer possible. Night classes, night shifts and back to back shifts interfere.

Wake up.

I've been eating really well. Raisins and cashews are my favorite snack right now. At work I've been eating protien bars in between meals. We don't have an actual lunch break, as there are always kids there that need to be watched. The first day I felt kind of ill eating while I could see, smell and hear everything. Which is horrible. I made myself eat, ashamed of that feeling and now it isn't a problem anymore.
Saturday night we went out for Indian food. Ooh, Isaac was up sick from both ends. Sunday he was perfect. You would never know he's spent hours suffering in the washroom. Sunday night we visited the in laws for birthday cake. I declined eating any. Went well. At first I turned red when the attention was turned on me but I survived.
My green smoothies have been a topic of interest at work. My tutor there is really large. She hates vegetables. Gets winded lifting a child from bed to wheelchair. Is in the beginning of a difficult pregnancy. Thinks running is a horrible thing for anyone to do. Some things are black and white.


  1. Lorraine: We just got back from Ben's.Yesterday Charlie,Wyonna, Milt, Doug, Sharron, Carol, us, and Ben Christina and Max had dinner together. The AGA cooked a chicken and Christina made lots of German food. Mert had been asking for spaetzle but Jim and Mert did not get there. Christina had worked so hard. oh Max says "so sad".
    Of course Milt and Doug brought wine and dad had bought wine but we did not drink any, and Ben and Christina did not drink any. I was so impressed by Dad. Milt even made fun of us and now that I think about it, maybe that made it easier for me not to taste the wine.
    It is nice to be home but Max is very amusing and is talking lots now.

  2. Really large women get pregnant, too. Just goes to show you that there's something for everyone.Today is gym day. two hours of resistance and cardio, with some stretching. I should be four cm taller by three o'clock. Not as cold this morning. Alittle snow last night, sothings look very photogenic. We went and saw a movie last night, Dagenham something or other, about a group of women who go on strike for equal pay. Excellent movie, british. They could teach Hollywood a hundred lessons about acting.
    Evidently about four of my hokey shows are going to get the axe. Now I have to start looking for new soporifics. Life is very hard.


  3. Lorraine: Wed. Jan 26th
    Last night was spagetti squash with a tomato sauce, sides of mushrooms and green beans. Good dinner, no meat, low carbs. However we cheated and had a frozen treat. Next week we are going back to meat and wondering if we really want to do that.

  4. Lorraine: Thursday Jan. 27
    Last night was the last lecture in the series. It was about heart physiology and issues about the heart and was given by the lead nurse. Way too much information for me to take in. Dad asked about strokes and she talked about that also. Made it sound like a stroke was a massive migraine. We 'might' consider participating in a walk-a-thon for heartandstroke tomorrow. How weird is that.

  5. Lorraine:
    whoops...the walk-a-thon is next week.
    Lentil /spinach soup...very good;who knew!