Saturday, January 29, 2011

Has it really been a week?

I haven't really had the time or energy to keep up with my posts. Haven't bothered taking pictures. Missed a couple runs. Now I'll try to catch up.
I'm 2 weeks in at my practice. 3 weeks left. On my first day I was already offered a job. Since then I've been offered 2 more. Can't really take them cuz the 40 hours plus commute, along with my office job work I have to do when I get back is way too much. I just don't want to work a 60 hour week and it sometimes makes me angry that I need to.
But. What I eat is a common interest among my work colleagues. The man has also said that he understands their point of view, that my food often looks nasty. I try to make my smoothies as green as possible and my food as goopy and strange as I can now deliberately.

spinach hummus


boy store

 The boy has been opening his store a lot lately. I have a frequent shoppers card, so I get a discount. I also give him money to go to the shop to buy things for his shop. I like that he can go to buy things himself. He's so excited when he comes back and tells us about prices of things. It's great. And he buys cashews and raisins for me to buy from his shop. I also get gifts for the man. Licorice and chocolate.
I've turned down every offer of chocolate, sweetbread, cookies, ect. It's pretty easy to tell people that I like salty things, not so much sweet. They haven't known me any better. No guilt. Feels good.
I have to do some stuff now. There should be another post tomorrow.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

3 Day Roundup

I haven't felt much like sitting at the computer over the weekend. Now it is Monday again and I have morning shifts all week. Guest room sleeping, 4:40 rising morning shifts. There's quite less to do at work on morning shifts. Most of the kids go to school at 9am. But I wanted morning shifts all week so that I could spend evenings with the boy. Starting next week it is no longer possible. Night classes, night shifts and back to back shifts interfere.

Wake up.

I've been eating really well. Raisins and cashews are my favorite snack right now. At work I've been eating protien bars in between meals. We don't have an actual lunch break, as there are always kids there that need to be watched. The first day I felt kind of ill eating while I could see, smell and hear everything. Which is horrible. I made myself eat, ashamed of that feeling and now it isn't a problem anymore.
Saturday night we went out for Indian food. Ooh, Isaac was up sick from both ends. Sunday he was perfect. You would never know he's spent hours suffering in the washroom. Sunday night we visited the in laws for birthday cake. I declined eating any. Went well. At first I turned red when the attention was turned on me but I survived.
My green smoothies have been a topic of interest at work. My tutor there is really large. She hates vegetables. Gets winded lifting a child from bed to wheelchair. Is in the beginning of a difficult pregnancy. Thinks running is a horrible thing for anyone to do. Some things are black and white.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost the weekend


Last summer.

Kid drinks 5 yogurt drinks a day.

Pike, brussel sprouts, rucola and green snap beans?

Packed dinner same as lunch plus sprouts.

I love PB, honey and banana.
I also had almost an entire package of rice cakes. Ran at gym. Lifted heavy children.

Lorraine- all the patient where I work are kids. There are 10 on the ward and the youngest one is 10.

Long days

Hi. I slept well last night. Almost a full 8 hours. Ran my 6km this morning easily. Last night I was extremely tired. The times when my shifts are back to back I don't see the kid for days. That sucks. I know he's been around recently because of the laundry trail he's left but I just don't see him. The man, dog and boy are a guy team. The dishwasher is on their side too. I don't have much of a relationship with him either anymore. The next 2 weekends are off. So nice. I want to make bread, pancakes, go skating, skiing, running, to the gym, watch TV, read, hang out with the couch, walk the dog, play video games, go for dinner and also do nothing.

Early breakfast. Muesli, piƱa, cottage cheese.

Packed breakfast.

Packed lunch.

Thai red curry fish 2x.

Night snack.
 I also devoured a bag of dried fruit at night while watching Jersey Shore. And chili nuts.

Yesterday I didn't make it to the gym. I was exhausted. But I took the dog out to throw snowballs for an hour. And I had to lift a lot at work. 2 of the healthier kids can crawl but only when they are doing well. So I wind up lifting and carrying 11-14 year olds basically all day. The paralyzed weight is so heavy. I can smell it in my work clothes that it's exercise.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shift work

Went to bed at 11 last night. Up at 3:37. My alarm was set for 4:40 but my mind had other plans. Like spinning. Forced myself to stay in bed for an hour. Slept in guest room. Must when I have a late shift followed by an early shift. Man is a light sleeper and also goes to bed late. 5 1/2 weeks....

Yesterday I went to the gym early to work out and run. Before breakfast. Then came home and worked for a few hours before leaving for work. Made the mistake of eating shortly before bus ride. Motion sickness blech.


More breakfast.

Lunch. Cabbage, lentils, rice and meatballs.
Gave half to man.

Lunch. Lentil-rice-veg salad.

Late snack.

More late snack.
I also had a handful of dried apricots watching CSI. My stomach is extremely skilled at rock like expansion. Should probably cut down on the cabbage/lentil diet. Someday. 

Monday, January 17, 2011


First day at new workplace. Like it a lot. Kids are really sick, can't talk and need a lot of help. Shift work again plus other job. Days are long. And nice. Also- I like taking the bus. Get on, read for an hour, get off. 8 hours later do it again. I finally have a chance to read all those school books that make me fall asleep when I read them on the couch. Plus no shovelling. No watching the road. It's good.



Rice milk decaf latte.

Hummus and cucumber. And a boy doing homework.

Poppy seed bread with pb, honey and banana again.
And a boy eating sour orange slices.

Another snack. (So hungry)

Chili nuts.


TV snack.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


That's what time I woke up. It's my first workday. Not quite awake yet. Yesterdays food was the best. Already posted the pancakes from the morning.

After panks we went skiing.

Then we had lunch. Brother-in-law made us take a pizza home. I healthied it by adding red pepper and zucchini. Veg and hummus on the side.

Apple with sunflower seed butter. Snack.

Tuna salad. Dinner.

Leftover panks. Dessert.

Poppyseed bread. Snack. Also delicious.