Monday, January 3, 2011

Bread Day

It's not really so terrible that I ate almost an entire loaf of bread. Anybody would.

I ate this all day long. With butter.
 I woke up at 3am when the man came to bed. Unable to sleep more I ate bread and wasted time online. Eventually it was midday and I realized I'd eaten almost the whole loaf, so I forced myself to eat something else.

Sesame salmon, spinach and millet. Really good.
I decided that I'm going to be more relaxed towards honey. I wanted a teaspoon of honey in my tea, so I had it. Honey is for tea.
Had some more grapes on the couch with the kid, while watching the Amazing Race. Right now the kid is telling the dog how beautiful he is and how lovely his eyes are. It's fun to listen to.
Before going to sleep I planned our meals and snacks for the entire week. Thursday we can have take-away lunch. Saturday night is our traditional take-away. Kid always wants Chinese but we always want pizza.


  1. Early morning here. Third cup of coffee. Probably toast and peanut butter when appetite wakes up. Twelve cm of snow yesterday, as fine as dust. 34 Timber Cres is very beautiful.
    Carol's roof avalanched Sunday after 8 degrees and rain on Saturday. I spent about three hours digging hard snow and ice from her front step and driveway in front of her house, following Sat night's deep freeze. Stiff everywhere. Almost.

    No meat starts today. Also no alcohol. I'll have to buy extra coffee. The difficult thing is cutting out sweets. I'm the caveman cookie monster. And the house is still full of sweets from Christmas. Even some from halloween and the big jar of candy I won. Apples and oranges help a little bit, but nothing can replace an Oh Henry bar.


  2. Lorraine here
    I helped to shovel also.
    it will be interesting to see how the no meat , no alcohol, thing actually is. We have my birthday and the family party in the next week.Nothing will be easy about this.
    But, maybe we can start making bread that looks like yours.