Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The kid talks about his Star Wars Wii game A LOT. Things are busy and getting crazier by the day. I like it. It's nice to know that I have a million things to do.

Listen to this guy.

Eat these overnight oats.

Pay attention to this investigator.

Make sure this guy eats.

Eat these.

Drink this.

Mmm, chicken salad.

Kebab lunch.
Things are pretty messy, being overbooked everywhere for my nursing placements. I'm lucky that I can choose from a few different places where I want to be, but calling to explain that 2 teachers as well as myself have reserved work periods that all overlap is tough. I'd like to take all the jobs actually and it makes me nervous to have to say no to people. Still, it's nice to be in demand even though I've said some dumbass stuff through translation. Like the time I tried to ask my supervisor if I could watch her do something and I actually asked if I could be inside of her ass. My last work colleages told me I should have a shirt made that reads 'FOREIGNER...sorry.'  I should probably go to do some of that stuff I have to do. But- my diet is good. I run every day and work out 4x a week. Tomorrow I'll meet a friend so that we can work out together. Love girl workout dates. Monday my schedule changes again and I'll be lucky if I can manage to get to the gym 3 times a week. I'll try to follow my marathon training program but I might need to adapt.


  1. Lorraine here
    I look forward to these blogs.

  2. hic pater. Dinner with Ann Milliard tonight. Ex-publisher, very keen to have me get my book published. Also very helpful.

    Rainbow trout and asparagus and roasted Root Veg for dinner.Should be good. generally, our meals are more boring than yours. Not worth photographing. They might ruin your appetite.

    No weather here at all. Cool at night, warmer during the day, lots of cloud today, deer everywhere. They like the warmer days.

    Good writing these days. Nearly finished the sequel. Another funeral coming up, as well as an old-fashioned wake. this one's a mystery. I'm having fun. I could probably write all day but I think it would drive mother completely around the bend.