Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 Days Home

So nice to have 2 days off. Okay, I'm working for the man today. But he can swallow, move and poop by himself so I'm good.
I did receive postcards from Kenya. Ages ago. Sorry, I forgot to mention earlier. The mail stuff kind of happens without me noticing.
Only 24.5 hours left for this practice. That's just 3 shifts. One morning, one graveyard and then a short one with my review. Plus a full week of classes. On Tuesday I have to go straight from 8 hours of school to a 12 hour graveyard shift to 7 more hours of school on Wednesday. It may sound a bit like complaining, but actually I'm bragging. My competence is overwhelming my ego these days. I love it.

In the last pic of my porridge there's a big mess of tea behind my bowl. The kid sets up our kitchen as a display for his tea shop and we have to choose our tea daily. He's taken charge of it. The other day I wanted mint but he made me drink camomile because he's too afraid to drink it, in case it's too old. I needed to be the tester.
Ooh. Also I've decided to graduate late. I'm not sure anymore where I want to go. I kind of like all the areas too much to decide where I want to end up permanently, so I'm going to spend the time doing different substitute paid work until I am sure. No one seems to mind. Everyone's actually really supportive. By everyone I guess I mean the man, cuz I haven't told my advisor yet. Still. I FEEL that everyone will be supportive. It's an honest choice.


  1. Lorraine here: 3rd pic from end..looks like cereal,bananas,berries and 'cheese??'. Is it cheese.Love the tea store. We can drink ginger tea madefromginger root when he is here; or mint tea made from the mint that he picks.
    We were doing better when we were not eating meat. Now we are not eating as inventively. We shovelled yesterday and it was the first time I did anything outside, since Monday. It is suddenly milder and the snow will be getting heavier.
    Do you continue to pay tuition and take courses if you graduate later? when is later? next spring?

  2. dad here. I thinklater means after midnight. You can watch Letterman first.
    cereal forbreakfast today.Honey nut cheerios.I'm 12 years oldagain. Coffee.Backtotwenty.No brandy.
    Momhasarule.Nobrandy before eight a.m. Fascist.
    Windy and mildtoday.Yestreday's snow will blow all over and then land in our driveway. We spent almost two hours digging yesterday. My back felt like something left over from the Inquisition.

  3. It's peanut butter in my porridge. There's protein powder in it too, but you can't see it.

    There's no tuition here. I get money to support my studies. 268 euros a month. Not enough to live on, but enough for my travel pass plus a couple of nights of heavy drinking sorority girl style. All of my studies will be done when my class buddies graduate. I'll just need to do 10 more weeks of unpaid work under supervision for credit.

    My babydaddy says he can support me during those 10 weeks of lacking income. My plan favours him because I'll have more time to work for him. Golf season.

    No extra courses. Unless my advisor wakes up and tells me to go back to grade 3 math.