Sunday, February 6, 2011

My eyes are hurty

I think I have a bit of a cold. My tutor is on sick leave. Pneumonia. +pregnancy. I've taken her place and been working overtime. It's against the law but I offered to alter my schedule and everyone was down with it. All of our kids have some virus. I'm not going to get fully sick. I think it's passing. My sinuses hate me and my chest is in no shape for running. I will go to see Yogi Bear with the kid today. Fun. He asked me first thing in the morning if I would take him. I have 2 days off from the hospital but need to work and go to school tomorrow. Today is hang out and see a movie day. I'll take pictures.
Last night I got home at 10 and there was pizza waiting for me. Mmm. The night before I got home...don't remember when...thai food was waiting. And the man cleaned. Like, everything. Under the shower box. Inside the washer and dryer. Behind my desk. The cushion covers for our couches. He said he cleaned for 8 hours. I told him to stop nagging.

Red hair.

Cousin it.

Spinach smoothie. Every day.

Hummus. Every day.


  1. It's probably thespinach smoothiethat made your hair gored. All that iron.As forthe humus,it is okay as mortar but no substitute for cement.
    Mother is having a hard time with meat.She had chicken marsala friday night and suffered a lot. She couldhave blown up a thousand balloons the hard way.
    It's warm here.trying tosnow. Boring, really.
    I read the bookthat won for young adult last year.Not as wellwritten as mine. Way too many words.
    If I were prime minister I'dbut everyone on avery strict adverb and adjective quota.


  2. Lorraine here:
    I am having trouble with meat.Maybe I lost an enzyme or something when we were meat free.It was a fun challenge to find meatless meals that we enjoyed but now I am bored with food again. Maybe I am bored with cooking and cleaning.Definitely bored with cleaning. I would love to sit with a bowl of chips and dip,and call that dinner.
    We did our walk-a-thon ,at least as much as Dad could walk. He got a goodie bag and a 'way to go' from the nurses. He is really trying but does not want to get on a scale and be disappointed. And he writes; most every day and mostly all day.

  3. Lorraine again: I like the red hair.
    And I wonder if George could clean for 8 hours.I think that would be nice. I hope I would smile and say 'thank you', and not 'why did you do it like that'?.
    I tell him that every surface needs to be dusted at least once a week when we are using the fireplace.....

  4. Hi, It must that time of year. I am so bored with food that I have decided to protest and leave Canada. I am going away to eat fresh fruit and salads and South American food. Hope you feel better soon.