Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday morning blah

Yesterday I had a sushi buffet lunch date. It was fun. There were 2 beers. Then at night after gardening class my friends and I went for a few pints. So nice. And kind of strange. We of course had many brilliant ideas as we drank. Made plans to force our husbands to come out with us in the future. For another drinking date. It's a culture party.

My regular eating style is pretty good. Work, family and running are also good. I bought some amaranth and decided to make porridge with it. It's sticky, smells funny and tastes like corn. Not exactly bad, not really good. I eat it with banana and cashew butter. Cashew butter is also kind of funny. Tastes kind of like cashews and kind of like leather. I imagine it must be the worst tasting of all the nut butters and I don't quite like it. I eat it once a day.
Today is yoga for schizophrenics. I guess I'd better go look for my car. I should probably do some schoolwork this weekend but I have too much fun doing everything else. Ooh, and I start my new job Monday.


  1. ben and Christina and Max just headed back to Guelph. We had a good visit. max sleeps with his construction toys. Not quite as soft as teddy bears, but he seems content with them. The weather here is definitely early spring. Cold nights, warm days, sunshine, all the things that make for a bumper season of maple syrup. Mother is busy tidying up upstairs. brother Jim is due to arrive in a few hours. Mert is at Doug's.

    Our internet and phones were down most of yesterday, for nodisclosed reason. I blame al quaida. Everyone else blames stephen harper. I'm going to do a little work in terminal 2.


  2. lorraine here
    We have not been as regimented with our diet and really have not exercised since coming back from Seattle. Walking outside, even to cArol's, has been icey and treacherous and we have not gone to the track. hoepfully we will make up for this when we are away at the end of the month. So I guess you are winning.

  3. Mmm. Maybe not winning. I drank 3 days in a row and suffered major low moods from it. I think I need to tee-total again. Alcohol is so great and fun until it's not. I think my hormones need me to not torture them anymore.
    Also I had soft ice cream. I needed it. And it was really delicious. I'm content though, I don't need it anymore.
    It snowed another few inches last night. Of course. I want spring. I'm not the only moody one. The kid just left crying and I don't really get it. Maybe the universe is sending me a message but I don't speak the language.

  4. Lorraine here
    Almost a month later and the "16 weeks" are still not over for George. He has 3 more weeks to go since there have been interruptions. Kinda lose momentum and hard to stick to diets.