Monday, April 18, 2011

Back again

It's been a long time. I fell off the non-chocolate wagon. Non sugar one too. I'm back on now but I'm unsure if I want to be so militant about it. It's nice to have a 9 year old and enjoy soft serve on a nice day together. So, for now I'm sugar free again but I don't care enough to commit to any rules. And abstinence is stupid.

So, I've added some hardware to my face again. 12 years ago the ring was on the other nostril. I need to wait 6-8 weeks before I can change this stud for a diamond. I'm planning on getting a really big one. At least a couple of carats. Or maybe just a tiny diamond. I hate decisions.
Those are chia seeds. They feel both gelly and crunchy. Otherwise unoffensive. Except for the day when my stomach exploded. I'd been putting the seeds in everything, plus drinking them. I guess I overdosed and there was a bit of a situation when I was at work. Maybe I wont go into it. Anyway, I like them in moderation.

That's how they look in my porridge.

Salads. Sandwiches. Burritos. Juice (cuz I'm a bit sick, otherwise I never drink juice). Porridge. Borsht. That's about it.

We run a half marathon in 3 weeks. I haven't really trained very much. It should take me 2 hours. If I had trained I could have maybe done it in 1.45. Bygones.

I hope George is doing well on his side of the race :)

I can make some really great rum smoothies when I get there at the end of June. Also, I just read a gin/tonic recipe that calls for syrup in it. Sounds strange, but also worth investigating. We can have something different every day. Love holidays.


  1. We had a hiatus as well. Lisa, my nurse/program director left the healthy heart team while we were in Seattle and her replacement has just begun to pick up the pieces. My return to the program is tomorrow morning. This changes our travel plans for visits to Mert. That happens tomorrow pm after the healthy heart session.
    I gained back the weight I lost in january. very bad. But I'll lose it again. I feel great. Winter hasn't left this part of the world yet. We're scheduled for a blast of snow and freezing rain tonight. I haven't had a chance to take the snowtires off my car and put on the summer tires. Bloody good thing.
    I burned a ton of yard waste in the outdoor fireplace over the last three days. Everything I wear smells like a forest fire.


  2. Lorraine here
    It is really hard to stay on a diet of any kind, especially if we are not busy. as soon as we watch t.v. we want a snack or a drink, ughhh
    Dad tried on his suit, to wear to Sarah's wedding, and it fits; so he is pleased.
    The ice is mostly gone from the lake. summer is coming!!!
    Hey, Isaac...interesting hair.

  3. It is going to be strange not traveling to Finland this spring. I want spring to get here to warm things up and get ready for summer. Friends and neighbours are already asking about the ice cream shop. Yumm!