Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We had a great Nepalese dinner. It was gone before I remembered any picture taking.

Breakfast: high protein dairy Finnish food with blackcurrants and sunflower seeds.
Lunch: Broccoli, pork, blue cheese, cottage cheese and cucumber.
I ate a protein bar and had a protein shake too. They were snacks when I had a minute. I let a client eat half of my protein bar. He was curious and it would have been wrong to not offer. He was funny. He said he didn't expect it to be so hard and dry. With a broken face. Poor guy.

Isaac and I took the dog out to play.

There were so many accidents. Tomorrow I need to wake up an hour early to shovel the car out of it's snow shell.

I made a healthy lunch for me to take tomorrow. Trying to plan.

Tomorrow's pictures will have a fiesta theme.

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