Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hat Day

Breakfast. I made my egge a crepe and filled it with spinach and cheese.


Another snack.

Tuna salad lunch.
I snacked on grapes, raisins and almonds as well, but didn't bother taking any pictures. Dinner was late, at 10pm when I got back from the gym. Spinach and chicken. And bread. The man made bread with apples, apple juice, cardamom and ginger. So good. We couldn't stop eating it and vowed to make bread every other day.

I had many slices. You would've too.

The boy looks a bit tired in these pictures. I've been trying to keep him busy in the mornings outdoors. It's still pretty cold here. We bought new clothes and tried on hats to pass some time. Ohh. It's almost New Years Eve. There's talk about a fruity, nutty celebratory bread. So excited. Happy bread day.

Ooh. I've also been disciplined with my workouts. Running is a bit tough. I think I have tendonitis in my left ankle.

And I was offered a yoga group to teach permanently. The asker woman called twice and I ignored her calls. It's so hard to say no. Finally she texted her request and I answered. My days are so long with travel and work. And school. I told the woman that I would like to but am not able to. The man was all up in my business, like, "tell her the truth that you wouldn't travel so much to work so short.. blahblahblah." Whatever. I read that 'whatever' is the most annoying word in the english language. I use it often.


  1. Lorraine here. I love geting up and reading the blogs. Your breads sound very interesting and yummy.
    We went to the arena to walk on the track yesterday. Dad did his 2km. I sat with Max for part of the time and he was fascinated by the little people learning to skate.
    no new snow here and it is going to rain. yuk

  2. Pater hic
    Boring weather. We need ablizzard. The good thing about blizzards in Huntsville is that no one notices them. Just another snowy day. haven't had breakfast yet. Two cups of coffee, though, my special blend, worth about sixty dollars a cup if you bought it at Starbucks.
    There are deer tracks all over outside, but I haven't seen a deer here in a month. They must be one of those new invisible breeds. We saw seven deer together yesterday right in town when we went to the summit centre. There were also about a million people skating in the new rink when we were there. Some of them skate as well as I do. Most are much better.
    I think I'll go have some toast.


  3. lorraine here
    As soon as Dad stopeed writing, three deer casually walked up the road.
    Porridge and bacon cooking, for Max, probably not for Dad.