Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I went out.

The bread machine beeped at 7am. Took a few minutes to get up. The whole apartment smelled so good, like a bakery. My first thick slice of bread had only butter on it. The second had butter and cheese. It is so great to have the man make bread for the family. And a welcome replacement from sweets. I chased my bread meal with leftover salad.

Lunch was more bread. But I managed to fit in a few nutritious snacks. Forgot to mention yesterday, I added a scoop of vanilla whey protein into my green smoothie. This one had fresh spinach.
Dinner was really good. Chicken, brown rice and spinach. I used a thai chili sauce over the chicken and then semame-wasabi-not-salt shake over that as well as over the spinach.

Shortly after dinner I went out to meet my friends.

At the first place we shared a platter of deep fried heaven. Ooh, I drank only diet coke. All night. I thought it might be weird to be the sober person, but actually it's kinda awesome. I spent less than 30 euros, was home (and REALLY hyper) at 1am and woke up in the morning at 8, headache free, able to work, take out the dog, feed the kid, ect.
2011 is my year of NO alcohol. Sh-bam!

If I were Lorraine and George I would let Linda's visit and the accompanying food and drink be guilt free. January is going to be very dry and a new start.

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  1. Unlike mother, I lack the shame gene. I will get back on the diet train today. This is coffee time, a.m., so a pretty good start to the day.
    The fish and chips were good. A little oily. Chili hasn't hit the fart glands yet, but I'm sure it will. Ben and I have been drinking bloody caesars of an evening. Much more healthful and tasty than spinach smoothies, and less to clean up as well.
    Icky weather here these days. Warm, so some snow will melt. Sun hiding behind thick cloud layer. Definitely not fireplace weather.
    The doctor signed off on my free-to-exercise form so I can do things like lift weights and grunt loudly now. Real work begins next week.