Saturday, December 18, 2010

cinnamon rolls

I slept for 8 hours last night. So great. Then I woke up and had a breakfast burrito. I didn't snap a picture of it, but I should have. I added red pepper, kidney beans, cherry tomatoes and cheese to it. Good. Then I went with the boy to his school play. He was behind the scenes doing stage tech and took it very seriously. Mr. Serious made us get there too early and I was the first parent seated in the gymnasium.
At home sandwich man was making lunch for us. Salmon soup. Served with milk, pickles, fresh bread and butter.
It was really good. Then I took a nap for 2 hours. I kind of remember waking up at some point and thinking that I should get up, but my head and body were too heavy to lift so I fell back asleep. When I finally got up I went to the gym to run 5km. Afterwards we walked the dog. It's fricking freezing here. My face hurt so much from the wind.
After our walk I ate a persimmon and an apple.

And I was still hungry so I had mustard, sprouts, pork and cheese on rye.

Then the boy and I made cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate to have with Survivor. Can't attatch photos cuz my phone is being a butt. Anyway, it was nice.


  1. Last night's hockey game was excellent. The Otters won with a goal at the 19:43 mark of the third period. When I got home Mom's bored meeting was just ending. Linda McLean stayed and her husband(to be; they're going to Hawaii to get married after living in sin for twenty years or so) stayed and drank wine with us. Far too much wine and we didn't get to bed til one o'clock. I was up at seven but had a nap this afternoon. Mom is walking around like an extra from the night of the living dead. I managed to write a little bit on the sequel to the Onion Man, but it needs some remedial work. The MR G opus is in stasis today but is growing like a fungus.

    Nourishment was porridge this morning, and coffee and coffee and some coffee and an apple; curried pea soup and a banana; toast and peanut butter and honey for me, toast and melted cheese for Mom.

    Our cold snap is over for a while. The snow looks good. We're going to a movie tonight, then to Jim and Anne's for wine and a hot tub adventure. I'm practising my prune style.


  2. Lorraine here
    I wish I could say that I am tired because of the wine, but I did not drink a whole glass. I am just tired and cannot manage such a late night.Dad wants a get away at the end of March. A bit of a reward for his 16 week stint. ideas?
    All that food Dad listed was over the whole day, not just for breakfast. is he allowed pop corn at the show? mmmmm