Saturday, December 11, 2010

Computer and phone troubles

I hate Nokia today. Frustrations.

 This was breakfast. I also had 2 caffe latte's. Then I went to the gym for an hour. Yay gym. I've missed it so much.

After kung fu we had burritos for lunch. They were tasty tasty. Next was nap time.
Then we took the dog out for a snow walk.
 Winter cafe.
 He's eating sweetbread, not smoking hallucinagenics. And the boy with glowing eyes.
 Glöggi and cinnamon roll. I just tasted the roll.

 Dog watched us eat and looked sad. And demonic.

 Tall guy thinks he has bad posture because he's too tall.

 I had porridge for dinner but my phone is really stupid and wont do what it's supposed to so I'll post some other pictures instead.

He won everything in Monopoly against Elmo.


  1. We are completely off our diet tonight. We had steak and half a potato and asparagus and wine and more wine. We put up the Christmas tree and each decoration brought back memories. There is one of a little girl in a high chair that the boys bought for me when you were a baby. very teary procedure, this Christmas tree thing.
    Makes me want to live in Finland for a year and if that is not possible, to be there when it is Christmas time. We could to to France, to Czechoslovakia, to everywhere from there.We would have our own place...dreams.....
    Tomorrow we walk in the snow storm to wear off the wine.

  2. This is dad. That was Mom. She gets a little sappy when she starts putting things on the tree.

    It isn't always what you eat, it's how much. It was not too much tonight, unless you count the butter on the baked potato and the salt on the steak. And the kilo of pistachios after dinner.

    We are supposed to get 20 cm of snow tonight and tomorrow. Not enough to lock us down, but definitely better than no snow. I promised Lorraine I'd take her out for a walk tomorrow. She's had three glasses of wine. maybe she'll forget.


  3. We got a christmas tree today. And it is clear tha new traditions will be established. And furniture will always be rearranged. Decisions will be made and justified for years.
    Max was a bit scared of the tree. I had told him earlier that he couldn't screw witht he lights once they were on the tree cuz they'd be very hot.
    When the tree was in the house and being positioned he was screaming chrisbaum, Very Hot! and crying.
    He's ok with it now. He knows it's jsut a bit spikey.
    Tomorrow I'm missing the lunch the aga will have made. It's potato slices, hot smoked ham, leeks, a wicked load of turmeric and lentils. Sorta toasted all the dry stuff before adding a splash of cider vinegar and then the water.
    We eat lentils every week in some manner. One of my favourite parts is when you take it out of the aga and the surface of it is an oxidized almost crusty brown. Then you pierce that with a spoon, realizing it's not even a millimetre thick. Under it is whatever colour you gave to it. Tomorrow is going to be a milky mustardy yellow. With big pink (fleshy really) ham pieces floating around.
    Big refers to surface area relative to the pot theyre being cooked in.They're really quite thin. Painstakingly sliced so.
    Beans and pulses. They are they key.

  4. Baby. Don't screw with the lights. They be Real Hot!