Friday, December 17, 2010

Scale day

I have a running program. And I got on a scale today. Twice. Before and after my run. After my run I was half a kilo lighter than before my run. Even though I drank alomost a litre of water. What the what?
I ate a breakfast burrito before running.
And then I had yogurt with muesli, grapes and honey afterwards.

Lunch was chicken salad. And bread with soft cheese.

These were my snacks.

After work the boys and I went skiing for over an hour nearby. And stopped for burgers on the way home.

I got on a scale:)


  1. Lorraine here
    I am just testing

  2. This effing computer has me all high BP. I tried to post a comment and it got all incontinent. I'll try again.

    We just got in from a walk to the lake. Mostly on roads, but some overland in deep snow. Lots of heavy breathing. Mom got all excited. She expects me to phone her now.

    She has a bored meeting tonight, so I might go to a hockey game. Steak and brussels sprouts and baked potato for dinner tonight, so i'm expecting gas. i hope I can save the farts for the third period. I forgot to mention that Mom made home-made peasoup today with split peas, an excellent source of gas, and potato and carrot and curry and onion and a few other smelly things. It was really good.

    Wine when I get home.


  3. Lorraine here
    Dad is not good at this blog thing. He gets frustrated typing and losing things. I think that I will show him how to type in word and then copy and paste here.
    Yesterday we walked on the inside track; 10 laps or two km. Much better. He had to take a breather after 1 km but that is o.k. Then today we both found the walk to the lake and back abit strenuous.
    and he is reading labels on packages of food.

  4. I've also accidentally deleted an entire comment. It's terrible. I'm craving pea soup now. Things are getting Christmas-y here. So nice. And cold. Good work on the exercise and food!