Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 4

Pretty tired. After 12 hours of graveyard shift I came home at 8am and walked the dog for an hour. Then I ate this:

I was really hungry. But I couldn't eat the meat at the bottom of my whole wheat bolognese. I thought I wanted it, but the texture turned out to be too meaty for 9am-ish. Slept for 2 and a half hours, then ate this:

Actually. Kind of twice. The second tuna sandy was without cheese. And also made me thirsty.

I worked while man took boy to kung fu through a blizzard. Aroud 3pm I had this:

It's a whey berry smoothie. The whey has some thickening agent in it so I wound up eating it with a spoon cuz it was too thick for a straw.

At about 7 I had this:

I had the apple and low fat cheese first. I was okay and just dealing with my paper but tall man was all "we aren't eating until 9, I can't manage."   So I threw some chick peas into that dish, mixed them with chili, sea salt and 2 big spoonfulls of korma masala goo. Then I baked them for half an hour while I discouraged any sandwiches to be consumed. The result was brilliant. They were a bit crispy on the outside and kind of popped when I bit into them. Jari ate them pretty fast. I had maybe a decilitre but failed to get a picture of them before the tall man ate them all. And he was like, "that looks weird, like freak food." Typical.

Ooh. Saturday night means that we can't eat (pizza or roll kebabs) until Survivor is on. And that happens at 9.
This came and went 8:30-9.
At 9:10 I had this:

That's my roll kebab. It was very good. The red wine was also nice but made me tired. And made my gums hurt. I cut them on my on my rye bread after I burnt them on my hot cheese. Eating is so dangerous.

I'll post a bit early tomorrow because it should be a very busy day. Tall man's brother and his wife are spending the night!!! So that their teenage son can throw a party. I have to wake the next morning at 5:30 for work. Time never slows down, despite my repeated angry demands.

Ooh. Also day 1 No Sugar No caffeine No fun went pretty well. I had a feeling of, 'meh. It's only food, ' when I noticed all the nice stuff I wouldn't eat. It was so nice to be above it and to be able to look down on sandwich man. Okay, not really. If I didn't have like 10 cups of green tea, 2 glasses of wine and about a 4 kilo sandwich, plus delirium from lack of sleep I'd be above it. If I still wasn't hungry. Which I am. I'm just working on the 'it's only food' idea. Yesterday I was working on the 'maybe I have to tell people that I can't eat that stuff because I have chrohn's.' I'm not above lying for the sake of my diet. Wine and kebab has no effect on my intestinal problems.

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  1. Nothing happened today. again. Light vache qui rit cheese on whole wheat toast. three cups of coffee. Work on non-sequel. Gabe and Mr G argue about FREE WILL. A concept. No new wars in South America. Just old wars.I may have left out a few details. tuna salad for lunch, lots of onions. Good. More coffee, very good. A clementine. brandy and crackers and cauliflower for snack. bean soup for dinner. Also a pear for snack, need the fibre.tomorrow is walk a kilometre day. Not ready for a marathon yet.