Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Muffin Day

Breakfast burrito:
That's my hand. It looks like it could be a young boy hand. Hmm.
After breakfast I ran 10km and took a strength training class at the gym. Ate this afterwards:

I was still really hungry, so I had a protein bar.
A few hours after that I ate this:
 Mix of cereals and uncooked oats plus muesli.
Then I baked these:

I made them with whole graham (?) flour, oats, honey, yogurt, and babyfood. (Recipe called for applesauce which people don't eat here.) Then this 9 year old kid I know didn't want to eat them. So some man and I ate 3 each. They were that good. In hindsight I can understand that muffins may not be a healthfood for me.

Dinner was this:
But less sideways.

I have a new running program. To build endurance and speed. I worry every night about how I'll fit my runs in when I need to work 8 hour shifts an hour away from home. We don't really have proper lunches and it isn't an option to squeeze it into my work day. Plus I'll have to work a few hours when I get home and manage food and dog and house stuff.
I don't think that my anxieties caused me to eat 3 muffins. They were just delicious. And I was hungry.
But I am anxious. I think that quitting coffee has helped with the blushing and sweating though, which was probably the worst part of it. I have so many things to do and they would go much faster without the panic.

Okay, back to my assignment. I hope that George's progress is going well. Still no scales in my life.


  1. Dr in Toronto today. Sleep/respiration. All's well. Spent evening tues at Milts. Met Stan and rosemary at Hunters for dinner. Mother tries to eat a bug in her salad but I wouldn't let her.

    Mother also tried to talk me into drinking extra wine tonight, but i put up my invisible wall of resistance and prevailed against temptation. I am very righteous.

    Now she's feeding me peanut butter cookies. Every man has a breaking point.


  2. Mom here. Tonight's lecture was by the dietician and she had samples of food packaging and talked about what should be eaten. However, I think that she should have talked more about not eating any packaged foods. oh well. Then we walked (Dad walked 7 laps,,(five laps is a km) in shorter time. Katie, you are looking very thin.