Wednesday, December 8, 2010


My day started out at 5am with water, green tea, a decaf latte and then this:
After an hour of shoveling I went to work. (My car only took 40 minutes-but I had enough time to find stones to help my neighbour get out of a mess.) At work I got my review and it was great. I was asked to go back in the summer and then after graduation. I said yes to the summer. I would go back after graduation for a a year or so. I love it there.
I ate chicken, cabbage, mushrooms and broccoli. Forgot to take a picture. Was starving at the time.

I had yogurt with my homemade muesli and then some oranges and cookies too.

Then there was the party. We were twenty minutes late. Okay, I was 20 minutes late. I dropped the boy and his buddy off and made a parking spot without them.
Boys are loud. And ask a lot of questions. It's exhausting. Was really glad to come home afterwards without the need to clean and usher kids out of my normally peaceful place.

I stopped taking pictures because I had to clean spilled coke off of my lap, answer questions, move things away from spillers, ect. Isaac's birthday turned out great. He was really happy and the kids liked the party a lot. Thank god we don't need to have another one for a year.
Tomorrow I'm taking control of my diet. And working a night shift. And a day shift. It's a really long day. I miss the gym.

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  1. the party looks great. I drove to TO today for two dr appts. Both went well. Then home to healthy heart meeting: Stress. Very laid back therapist, remarkably good. Lunch with Milt at Remezzo, veal parmagiana. Low cal veal. Low cal spaghetti bolognese.

    Driving was very exciting especially south of Barrie where there were whiteouts and the road had been plowed wih a Zamboni.Only saw one accident, some guy tried to bury his car completely in a snowdrift, only got up to the windows.
    Mother had a difficult day, destroyed a tire that had been incorrectly installed. She had to decide to buy a new one, got the gold-plated Michelin with ice and snow boy scout badges.We decided to have ice cream after dinner. Perfect dessert when it's -20 outside.