Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas food hangover

Yesterday my eating was fantastic. I made great choices. Until a certain point.
We watched one of the kids movies and pigged out. I felt miserable afterwards. I wanted to be sugarfree, starting on the 25th. Well, today is the 26th and that misery was motivating. I hate the guilt. So not worth it.

This was my food today. Breakfast burrito. Fruit and almonds. A lot of the man's homemade bread. Hummus and vegetables. I skipped having a real lunch. Took a 2 hour nap instead, even though I slept 10 hours last night.
I planned breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for the whole week. I made a fitness book. (With my downloaded logs.) My goals for this week are to get to the gym 4 times, stick to my food plan and reject all sugar crap in favour of bread. Tomorrow I have a shopping expedition to find all sorts of fancy bread ingredients. It's a nice way to spend a day. Buy stuff. Make bread. Go to gym. Eat bread. Walk dog. Eat more bread.

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  1. Christmas in Guelph was excellent. Max may not have understood it completely, but he approved heartily, especially when he opened his banjo present. He gave Mom a footstompin', potty-sittin' serenade of YOU'RE THE LADY OF MY DREAMS, complete with yodelling.

    Christmas Eve dinner was grouper, salmon and shrimp, all cooked by Ben, and all very good. The Aga performed perfectly, as always.

    Christmas dinner was a free-range turkey, cooked Aga-style, with traditional trimmings. Hard to beat. Max likes turkey and potatoes, isn't crazy about turnips, and would forsake all other foods for olives, any style.

    The diet suffered a minor setback over Christmas, although I didn't overdo the wine or the turkey. It was the Christmas cookies and candies that derailed me. Jan 1 will be the beginning of one month of austerity, alcohol and meat-wise. Meat only on Sundays. No alcohol, except possibly on Jan 6. This will be a severe test of my won't power.