Monday, December 20, 2010

What Global Warming?

Yesterday I found the boys green phone. Once I charged it we discovered that it's the best thing ever. Boy especially likes it and has taken many pictures of dog. I did not take pictures of most of my food. Yesterday was a really bad food day for me. I wont get into it for reasons of shame. But I am an all or nothing person. One is never enough. Maybe people don't have to find the grey area. Why not just think of thinks in black and white?

Yesterday the boy and I had a conversation. It went like this:
BOY: Mama? Can I fart?
BOY: Awww....I already did..... Am I in trouble?

The good things I ate were these:

 I didn't eat all of those oranges. Just a few.

 And I shared a cinnamon roll with the kid. He drank the hot juice.
This poor guy never gets anything fun. Except the leftover meat soup.


  1. Yesterday was a bad diet day for me, too. Mother went slightly nuts when I overindulged in pistachios. I think she wants them all for herself. She had ice cream after dinner, with butterscotch sauce. I didn't. But I had two roast beef sandwiches for lunch. I need the protein. And I had some licorice goodies. Brain food.

    I finshed my Christmas shopping and wrapping. I should get a badge of some kind for that. The wrapping isn't too professional. I don't want to put all those arts grads in the boutiques out of business.

    Eggs on toast for breakfast this morning. Not the whole eggs. I threw the shells away. Really good coffee this a.m. Funny how some days it tastes better than others.

    I got up in the middle of the night to watch the lunar eclipse. Very exciting. There were airplanes in the sky flying near it to catch a better glimpse. The snow was bright when it started, big shadows from the trees, but by the time the moon was totally eclipsed the darkness was scary. There were several evil spirits circling the house. They have an eerie glow.


  2. Mom here. I could not make myself stay awake last night to see the eclipse.
    I did have ice cream. I picked that over a beer.There was a banana with it also.
    The yoga teacher is thinking of startiing a 'man class'. Maybe the solistice affects diet and sleep.

  3. Well I am going into the holiday week 8 lbs lighter thanks in part to George. We don't snack when we watch tv and both of us are watching portion sizes. Lorraine is annoyed because there hasn't been and gravy or mashed potatoes for a while now. I am sure that she will get lots at Christmas dinner. Today is my last day of North American food until January. I am looking forward to trying new things and being away from all of the holiday food temptations. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.