Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Plan

I did not go to the gym or run today. I did make this happen:

The second picture is a bit dark. It took me 5 hours to clean his room.

A few nights ago, when we started cleaning I found Bruno. My throat closed up and my face got hot and I had to hug him. Then the kid hugged him and cried. He showed me the spot on Bruno's neck that needs to be sewn. And the bald patches. I said we could take Bruno to the teddy bear hospital but the kid couldn't handle the thought. I have to operate at home so that the kid can hold Bruno's hand. Breakfast was this:
The man asks for them every morning.
Lunch came soon after:

I threw the bread in the garbage. Didn't like it.
And then I bribed the kid to go to the shop and buy chocolate. The man bought wine at around the same time.

The chocolate already has a pretty huge dent in it. There's actually only a few left.
I made dinner too:

Meatballs and mash. The kid and I started to eat just as the man was leaving for yoga. When he came back he said that the only thing he thought about the whole time there was meatballs.

Oh. So, my new plan. I'm cool right now. Indulgent. Cuz in 2011 I'll no longer be in a relationship with chocolate. Done. We're in break up limbo right now. Love/hate. January might be tough. By February I'll have moved on and won't even remember what it felt like. Cookies, candy, dessert, even honey are all getting dumped. It's been a fun 31 years.
I'm making a book. I guess to record my goals and progress. I used the school printer to print about 1000 pages of various log sheets to fill out. I love lists and diaries. I probably write 5 lists a day. So I'm very excited for the new year and an outlet for my compulsion.

Heartburn!!! Meat and choclate are kind of disgusting in that way. I haven't touched the wine yet, but I'm planning on having 2 glasses. It's part of my new plan.


  1. Lorraine here.
    I had to stop reading at the Bruno part. I choked up. Every time I see a brown bear somewhat like Bruno, I choke up.
    Giving up all chocolate is extreme. can you allow yourself a square of the very very very dark choc. once in awhile? Like every fourth day and log it when you have it.
    Isaac's room is so clean. Looks great. Wish we had one room that is that clean.

  2. dad here. I admire you for giving up chocolate. But I think you're crazy. Chocolate is the most important of thebasic food groups. Unless you count coffee. give up swiss chard. You'll be glad you did.

    Mom and i walked at the Summit Centreyesterday and today. Two km yesterday and one today. I get shin splints. God's way of telling me it would be worse if I jogged.


  3. The man also asked why I have to be so extreme. I like it. I don't really value moderation. It's doesn't feel like it's that big of a deal. Vegetarians at a buffet would choose non-meat foods. I choose everything except dessert.
    And I've already given up caffeine from coffee. Okay, I have a decaf in the morning and then a cup of green tea at some point. I thought I would miss it more. And I don't have as bad of a sweating problem. I was about to have botox injected into my armpits to take care of that problem. Decaf is a pretty simple alternative.
    Is swiss chard the same as kale?
    Good work at the summit.
    Magnesium and potassium are go-to minerals you need for cramps. Have a banana every day for the potassium and leafy greens, beans and grains for magnesium.

  4. The problem with moderation is that everyone overdoes it. that's why people in Africa are starving. far too much moderation.

    No decaf for me before 2:00 p.m. Mother and I shared a large banana this morning. We ate it. Nothing kinky. Maybe next week.