Monday, December 13, 2010

Cold outside

I can't post photos until I find Isaac's phone stuff and learn how to use it. My phone is behaving very badly. Quick post. Aside from IT troubles things are good.
Breakfast= breakfast burrito. (1 egg + 1 egg white, light cheese, plum tomatoes, salsa ina whole grain wrap)
Snack= greek yogurt, honey and muesli
Lunch= leftover cabbage casserole
Dinner= salad and sandwich
Snack= greek yogurt again

Also, I walked a lot, ran, worked out and went to stupid school for a stupid meeting which was a stupid waste of time.

I have to teach yoga on Thursday, so I'm scared and need to prepare.

I'm going to look for the camera stuff now:)


  1. stress test today. i'm alive. Low risk even. For heart failure. High risk for death by starvation at the moment. Lorraine saved my life tonight. Spaghetti.I contributed red wine. Perfect for a -20 night.

    Shovelled snow today. exactly the same snow I shovelled yesterday, plus about 10 cm of new snow. high winds blew all of yesterday's snow, plus most of carol's, back in front of the garage and on the walkway to the Muskoka room.

    peanut butter cookies today's snack. home made with health food peanut butter. My new weapon against heart disease. I'm waiting for SCIENCE to discover that cheez whiz is the best medicine for preventing strokes. I plan to corner the cheez whiz market.


  2. Lorraine here. I am making mince meat tarts tonight and there was not enough for a final tart so we 'tasted' the mince. Rita made it and we froze it and the rum did its thing while frozen. so good and definitely not on anyone's diet. so good...rum.....mmmmmm
    Dad and Carol have lost wieght. I have not.
    Tomorrow we go to Toronto and stay overnight so we will check the blog when we return on Wednesday. Real wintery here tonight.Christmas tree is up andlights are on. I love it. warm house, books, tarts baking and no-where to go.

  3. Mince meat tarts should really have meat in them. It's such a trick.