Friday, December 10, 2010

Yesterday and today too!

I don't remember very much about yesterday. It was a long work day and I think I ate quite mindfully. Until about 11pm when I was 2 pages into a 10 page assignment and I NEEDED to raid the cupboards to be able to stay up until 2am to do an assignment and get ready for my final work day. I obviously forgive myself because there really is no other way when you need to run on 4 hours sleep most nights. practice is done and I agreed to go back as a substitute whenever possible and from May until September full time. By then I will have enough credits to work as a fully registered nurse. (Pass math, pass math.)

I made these with our clients yesterday:

I've also learned to use a sewing machine properly, plunge toilets, teach yoga in Finnish, drive through blizzards and get people to do things they really don't want to do.

There's a boy who wants to play, so I need to rush through this a bit.

I didn't eat much today at work. 2 protein bars. Didn't have time to pack anything proper. At home had some leftover Chinese food tall mad had saved for me. And a cookie. (I got homemade cookies and fruitcake from my boss as a parting gift.)

There's a 9 year old asking for attention non-stop next to me.

I'm going to a friends house tonight for a glass of wine. (Maybe 3) I actually would rather just stay in, but we planned this a few weeks ago and it's too late to flake out. Even though my bed is so warm and soft and inviting. I have a NASA pillow, by the way. The man bought it from his masseur and it was over 100 euros. He didn't really like it during his trial week, but I loved it so he kept it for me instead of returning it. I'm part of NASA.

Okay, back to the boy...

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  1. Mother baked cookies yesterday as well, about a thousand. Peanut butter, ginger and sugar varieties. I only had two. I get a will power badge. She went shopping today and I didn't even raid the cookie tins.

    We're going to a hockey game tonight. The Huntsville Otters. Last night we went to a Nylons concert in town. Quite fun.

    I've had cereal for breakfast two days in a row. This hasn't happened since I was eight. High fibre. No actual nourishment. But I bought pistachios for snack time. And Figs. And organic carrots. I might make soup for tonight. Not with the pistachios.

    hafta go. Pizza is almost ready to take out of the oven. Mother's idea.

    last night's treat was rom and eggnog, about 543 calories. served in an organic, low fat crystal glass.