Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas Eve

Christmas was the best. Everything happened so smoothly and felt so great.
In the morning I had 2 muffins. At lunch I had leftover soup. I wanted to keep the engine running so that I would have enough strength for the real meal.

FRUIT KEBABS! We made sushi too, but mostly I LOVE fruit kebabs.
Dinner was excessive and great.


At some point when everyone was talking about some Finnish gossip I realized that I didn't care at all about the conversation. It worked out in my favour since I left the table after 3 plates instead of staying for 8. (Ahem. Sandwich man.) Calling family in Canada was scheduled perfectly.

And Santa came to hand out presents.

Kids + Christmas = Happy

 (There is a kid in the sac.)

Mid-sneeze. Doesn't look like he is about to cover his mouth. Poor kid 2.

I want to know about George's multi fish meal. And dessert.

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  1. so pretty! I want to look that pretty when I grow up!