Thursday, December 23, 2010

So Exciting

Because we have a tree. And tomorrow is Present day. And Food day.
Breakfast was the same as usual: (I make it while guys hang.)
The kid and I had to buy fruit. For fruit kebabs. I'm so excited to take pictures of all the Christmas food.

This was at 9am. It was -20. (9pm, -25) After carrying a backpack filled with exotic fruit home I cleaned the over. Proof:

It was gross. Now it's clean. I baked muffins...

The chocolate macadamia ones were for the kid, but I had one. The oatmeal/bran/banana/honey ones are mine. I had 2. Wasn't so hungry for lunch.
Baked Finnish cheese with cloudberry jam.
Hummus and carrots. Kid and Man ate leftovers.
 Orange slices.

Yogurt and my 3rd honey muffin.
Kid sprayed snow on the tree.

Then he was really sad because he thought that the spray might be poison and dangerous for the dog. It's not.

Dinner was borscht. Actually, I made 2 dinners. My man friend and his crazy kid wanted food immediately after our sauna visit. I made them pasta with meat sauce while I made the borscht.

I've taken 2 painkillers today. Stupid red wine. I felt the migraine coming halfway through my first glass, but I'd already preplanned to have 2 glasses.
After dinner we did this:

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