Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a few more days

Breakfast burrito in the morning.
I also put a spoonful of maple syrup in my coffee. Really good.
Ran 30 minutes at the gym. Worked out.
I was so hungry at lunch I forgot to take  a picture until my plate was nearly clean.

It was salad with lettuce, carrots, cucumber. Then we added our tuna mix seperately. The man only likes tuna packed in oil. I like the water kind. I had another maple decaf to tame my sweet tooth.

My snacks. I made the hummus in my blender. The man was like, "that looks so tasty" with his sarcasm that sounds exactly like his regular speech. But, at night he shared a head of broccoli and hummus with me.

Dinner was salad with lettuce, basil and cucumber. Also, herring and potatoes. Kid had bratwurst instead of pickled herring. He says he isn't a kid, he's a monkey pie. And i toot a lot (monkey pie just hijacked my computer.No.he did it again.No)
I obviously ate much more of the gingerbread house than I take ownership of through photo evidence. Bygones.


  1. Took Carol to the airport bus for her trip to Kenya. She's excited and a little anxious because of the heathrow mess, but managed to get switched to British Airways for London, after her scheduled flight was cancelled.

    Bagel and cheese for lunch today. The bagel is 88% garlic and onion. I probably smell like an Italian poptart. Mother has taken on police duties for my gustation delights. Leavenworth has slacker security.

    tomorrow is travel day for Mother and me. Guelph and galt for Christmas. weather is good.

    Not sure if I will be near a computer for a few days. We're taking a diet turkey to Guelph. And diet sugar ookies and diet ginger cookies and diet vodka and diet wine and diet olives and diet bread for diet stuffing.


  2. Lorraine here
    Carol and Lauren went Air Canada to Heathrow, rather than British Airways, which was the original flight.
    George stares at me when I remind him that he can have a handful of nuts and not the whole tree. easy for me...I don't eat nuts.
    We walked 10 laps yesterday and 5 today and George is walking at a steadier pace and does not need to take a break. I am so pleased....

  3. Lorraine here
    speaking of tooting. There must be a full moon competition. George made chili and is musical.does this get passed down in the genes?