Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2

Thursday December 2nd
Second day.
Woke early. Drank 3 cups of coffee and thought about quitting my coffee addiction. Tall man has been on 1/2 a cup for 2 weeks and is going to start green tea next week. He complains about headaches and having the chills. I'm tempted to quit cold turkey, but not until the next 2 weeks have passed. A bit too busy to complain everyday about headaches.

Breakfast looked like this:
It's cottage cheese, hemp seeds and grapefruit. Eaten at 6:30
This is vegetable lasagne. I ate at noon.

This was dinner. 4:00pm. My leftover nepalese from yesterday and an apple.

At 6pm I was hungry again, working and doing homework. Ate this fast.

I haven't been to the gym today:( 8 hour shift. Followed by 3 hour shift. Followed by dog walking (5km) and gingerbread house building with the boy.

Okay. Not the cleanest design ever. AND I've promised to make two with the boy. Last year the boy and man took the dog out while I was working. I can't really remember if they were gone 1 or 2 hours, but whatever, they came back and it was GONE. I ate the whole damn thing. I wasn't prepared for how pissed they would be. We'd made it the day before or something. Honestly. They shouldn't have been SO surprised. Well, apparently I committed a crime. It's not supposed to be touched at all until Christmas Eve. And I had to promise not to touch either of the gingerbread houses this year.

I'm planning on having another cup of blueberry glöggi. So good. Again, just one. I'm kind of tired. And I have to give a stupid presentation on reliability or something tomorrow morning at 8am. And then sit through 4 more presentations. Such a long and boring school day. Then the graveyard shift at work. Yay. I'm kind of excited. I have to write a paper during the shift. I'm getting better at multi-tasking.

Not really hungry.

I'm so excited to hear about George's progress. He walked 1km. In a few weeks I'm sure he'll be able to double his distance. He's going to have all these goals and acheivements. Maybe tomorrow I'll get on a scale. Ugh. There is one at work.

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  1. Hey - I like how you can skip a week with this challenge. Check the date on this post. :)