Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 1

Wednesday December 1st

So far today:

This was my breakfast at around 8am. It's a bit hard to see, but it's a small bowl filled with raspberries, cottage cheese and sliced banana.

At 9:15 I was at the gym working on my fitness. I took a class called Perfect Body. It's pretty horrible. You have to jump up and down a lot for a few minutes then do a series of weight training sets. The instructor lady yells at you through a microphone to push harder, be stronger, jump higher, ect. Then you start again with the jumping, and different exercises but the same cranked woman yelling in the same mental way and the process repeats a bunch of times until an hour has passed. It's fun in the way that you love to hate it.

After the class I ran on the treadmill 5km.

Totally forgot to check my weight at the gym. Meh.

Then I came home and ate this:

It's an open faced rye sandy with mustard, sprouts, light salami and light cheese. Okay, there's no such thing as light salami and I read once that it is probably the worst food that a person could ever eat. But it's just so tasty.
Also, I drank this:

It's a banana vanilla protein drink. I try to take some sort of supplemental nutrition after I work out if I'm not having an actual meal shortly afterwards

Hyperactive kid wanted me to take pics of his report card this morning. He's pointing at his grades, which read 9, 9, 10, 10, 9, 9. (I think I'll figure out how to use his green camera- it's gotta take clearer shots than my phone.)

He also insisted I photograph his geography test.
And I may as well post a few more pics not related to my goals
 Salty little fish in the market. It's a Sunday breakfast thing.
 A different Sunday morning, with sandwich man too.
 My friends and I celebrating alcohol.
Our popcorn's always gone by the time the previews have ended.

Short-term goals:
  1. Get on a scale. Tomorrow. Or before Sunday.
  2. Stop grazing. 3 meals + 2-3 snacks.
  3. No more eating after dinner.
  4. Figure out a long-term goal. 
#3 will be the worst. Or maybe #1 will. Not eating after dinner is tough. Watching TV at night is a hobby I don't want to change. And that tall tree guy gets up for snacks all the time. It's such a habit to have a drink and snack mindlessly. Maybe it's not always mindless. Mr. Sandwich requests snack platters to be prepared occasionally. A night in with pre-recorded shows, good beer, a cheese platter, olives, bread and chocolate is a luxury I've enjoyed several times a week for years. My arteries are lined with gouda. I can already see how much my manfriend is going to enjoy eating the whole platter by himself. Ugh. He has no shame.

I had a snack before walking the dog. (75 minutes easy walking.)

A protein fiber bar. It was chocolately and good.

 I made this shephard's pie. It looks way better in the casserole dish than on my plate.
See? Looks gross on a plate. Tastes good. Red pepper and sprouts on the side.

And then there's this.

Blueberry glöggi. So good. I haven't had any yet, but I will. Only one mug. I have to get up at 5:30am and the last time I drank this I had a terrible headache the following day.

But that's today's food and exercise diary. I'm open to any kind of tips and suggestions. And I want them.

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  1. Lorraine here
    Dad is slow to write but he will! Last night we listened to a doctor talk about the health benefits of walking. He even had slides of a 15 day walk he did. I found that daunting and not inspirational. However, it is not about me. George did walk (with me) on the track at the Summit Centre . He did 1 km. The track is cushionned and his foot just started to hurt when we finished. The nurse took his pulse and told him 'good job'.
    The nutritionist stole his first three pages of food notes!