Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tall sandwich man fixed my phone

Now I can post some pictures.

 Kid didn't really want to wake up and eat.

 Decaf latte and water for me. Had to save space for my buffet lunch.
Ha Ha:

I had three plates of sushi. I can't believe that anyone would offer a buffet sushi lunch. Fools. I also had 2 beers. At the restaurant. We had to wait for our kids to finish school, so we had another couple while we waited. Not that the kids saw us behaving badly. We started at 11am just to be on the safe side. Fun.

At home I made this for dinner:
Okay, it looks kind of weird. It has a pie crust on bottom, layer of peas, then bacon, egg and then herby cheese on top. Tastes good. I just tasted it. The man ate most of it when he came back from skiing with the boy. I had this:
I've been making homemade muesli every other week with lots of really nice nuts, seeds, grains and dried fruits. I would like to eat greek yogurt all the time but it's pretty expensive. Ooh, and I bought all of these crazy kinds of honey too and am planning on making muffins with honey in them tomorrow.

I woke up this morning and realized that I had made some goals at some point. They are gone. I still haven't gotten on any scale and I'm thinking of ways that I can trick myself onto one. Like if I can just get on one then I can create some secret code language that only I understand the true value of.

Not eating after dinner lasted 1 day. I'm trying it again NOW.

I didn't make it to the gym today. Bygone. But I walked the dog for over 2 hours. Due credit.

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